Best Tights Ever! 20% off + FREE Shipping for KOAB readers

Hands down, the best tights I own are the Commando Ultimate Opaque Matte 70 Denier Tights by In the Mood Intimates.

I’ll tell you in a sec what makes them so amazing, but first I have to tell you that I scored a sweet set of coupon codes for KOAB readers — get 20% off + FREE shipping!

Yes – it’s an exclusive code just for us. (And I do mean “us”, since I just ordered two pairs before I even posted!)

Just use the code 20COMMAND to save 20% off your tights — making them $27.20 per pair — and the code BUDGETSHIP to get your shipping FREE (no minimum).

Yes, these codes are stackable. And yes, the BUDGETSHIP code will work on anything in your cart.

Choose from black, grey or chocolate – in sizes small, medium and large.

Okay, so why do I love Commando Tights? I know you can get cheaper tights, but you won’t find better tights. I’m convinced of it.

wrote a whole review here, but here are the highlights:

These tights are incredibly comfortable thanks to their dig-free waistband. I seriously don’t understand why all tights aren’t made this way!

Plus, they are just as “shaping” as my super teflon style control top tights (you know the ones I’m talking about, right?), but a lot more comfortable.

And no uncomfortable pooch coming out the top of my tights (if you can’t relate, let’s just pretend that you can… so we can still be friends).

The black is an opaque matte, which is what I prefer – not too much sheen and not at all see-through.

Trust me. If you wear tights at all, like ever, you will LOVE these!

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  1. Does this shipping code also work for us Canadians???

  2. Have you ever tried HUE brand tights? They’re more reasonably priced and a great product.

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