Beta Kosher on a Budget Webinar – Looking for 5 Students to Test It Out

Thanks all for your interest – we are now at capacity! But don’t worry. These will be a regular feature here at KOAB!

Many of you have asked for online Kosher on a Budget classes. After a year of thinking, researching and (ehem) procrastinating, I am ready to get this party started!

I plan to offer one to three online seminars per month, focusing on popular topics here at Kosher on a Budget, including:

The Ten Commandments of Saving Money: How to Cut Your Grocery Budget in Half – $10

Mint 101: Organize Your Finances Online – $5

The 5 Best Ways to Cut Your Budget, Without Cutting Coupons – $10

Seminars will be taught via interactive webinars. Students will be able to hear me, see my screen and ask real-time questions.

You will receive work sheets and hand-outs in advance of the class, and copies of the presentation materials after the class. You will also be able to ask follow-up questions of me – and other participants – through private Facebook groups.

While a lot of time has gone into building these classes, one big question remains: Will it work for my readers?

Will the format work? Will the technology work? Will the material work? 

These questions can only be answered by real life experience. While I’ve done a lot of “live” teaching, virtual teaching is a whole new world to me.

So before I officially launch KOAB Webinars, I want to get some of that experience under my belt.

And that’s where you come in.

I am hosting a beta KOAB Seminar on the topic of “The 5 Best Ways to Cut Your Budget, Without Cutting Coupons” next Wednesday, October 31 (yes, Halloween) at 9 p.m. EST. 

(If you have attended a live Kosher on a Budget class, you will recognize these strategies!)

The webinar will last for one hour and will be completely FREE to the first five people to comment below that you are interested. I will then send you a link to officially sign-up and get your log-in information for the webinar.

(While most classes will be limited to 25 participants, this beta seminar will have just five participants – the first five to comment below.)

Here’s the “catch”: In exchange for attending the class for free, I will be sending you a follow-up survey to share your opinions of the class. I’ll have questions on everything from the information covered, to the materials presented, to the technology used.

Yes, I admit it: I want to use you five students as my guinea pigs!

Are you interested? Want to get in on the ground floor and help build something BIG?

Just comment below and I will shoot you the link to sign-up by the end of the day. Be sure to use your real email address on the comment form, so I can get in touch with you.


  1. I’d potentially be interested. Thanks!

  2. I’d be happy to help test your webinar!

  3. I am interested.

  4. I’ll also live-tweet it!

  5. Sharon Feiler says

    I’d love to!


  6. I’m interested.

  7. I would love too!

  8. Ohhh I’m the 6th. Guess I just missed it!

  9. I think you’ve got more than 5, but I’d be interested.

  10. ettie cohen says

    i would love to join
    would have said so earlier just got home from work can i still join?

  11. me, me, me!

  12. I’m interested

  13. Okay everyone that has replied up to Chaya should have gotten an email from me. If not, check your spam. You will need to click the link in the email and sign up for the webinar. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attend!

    Thanks all for your interest! I appreciate your input very much.

  14. I’d love to join…am I too late?

  15. Judi Dimbert says

    I am very interested. Are there are any slots available.

  16. Judi and Zipa Leah – I’m so sorry. I’ve closed the enrollment for now as I’m already at 10. But… I plan to do these webinars regularly here on KOAB, so stay tuned.

  17. I would be more then thrilled to join and comment and fill out a survey on your webinar.

  18. helene strumeyer says

    i’m interested

  19. I would LOVE to be able to take part in this!

  20. Would love to be one of your “guinea pigs”.

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