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Sukkah Banners

I know. I know. I can practically hear your groans.

But the fact of the matter is — the chagim are coming.

And fast.

With all the preparations that go into Rosh Hashana – especially when it’s a three-day yomtov like this year! – and the post-fast exhaustion of Yom Kippur, I know I often find that I’m a little burned out by the time Sukkot rolls around.

I always want to build the world’s most amazingly designed and decorated sukkah, but sometimes all those Pinterest ideas stay right where I found them — on the web.

Which is why I think it’s perfectly okay to “supplement” my children’s artwork and homemade goodies with something special. Something artistic. Something someone else made.

Enter Booth Dwellers. Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Adam Rawson. Booth Dwellers is his brain child – a place for him to bring to life his graphic inspirations for sukkah decorations.

He was so sure that I’d love them – and that my readers would to – that he offered to send me one of his pieces, aptly titled Shivat HaMinim.

It arrived last week and wow! It is so pretty — exactly what I envisioned from his website.

It surely won’t take the place of laminated preschool projects, but it will definitely class up our act.

Booth Dweller’s high resolution designs are printed on weather-resistant mesh vinyl, which is perfect for outdoor use. The four corners have grommets, so you can attach it easily to your sukkah walls with bungie cords or zipties.

Sukkah Banners

 Order by August 20th and save 5% on sukkah banners from Booth Dwellers when you use the promo code KOAB082013 at checkout. Shipping is FREE.

The banners come in four  sizes:

  • 24″ x 48″ – $60
  • 36″ x 72″ – $95
  • 48″ x 96″ – $135
  • 60″ x 120″ – $185

He has a number of designs to choose from, ranging from the more traditional (like my Shivat HaMinim) to the Zionistic (like Am Yisrael Chai) to the funky and even psychedelic, like Artsy Etrog.

Whether you’re shopping for your own sukkah, or looking for a unique gift for your yomtov hosts, a Booth Dweller Sukkah Banner may be just what you’re looking for.

Don’t forget: Order by August 20th and save 5% when you use the promo code KOAB082013 at checkout. Shipping is FREE.

Sukkah Banners
Disclaimer:In exchange for my sharing information about the Booth Dweller store and this exclusive coupon code, I was provided with (1) sukkah banner. I was not required to review the product, nor to share my positive opinions of it. Those are entirely my own. For more information, please feel free to see my disclosure policy.

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