Breeze Cat Litter System – Save $10 + My Review (Hint: I love this product!)

If you don’t have a cat, please ignore this post…

I’m bumping up a review that I wrote a few months ago because (A) the Breeze is still working GREAT for us and (b) there is a new $10 off Breeze Litter System coupon.

So, if you have been wanting to try it, now is a great time! You can print out the coupon HERE.

$10.00 off one BREEZE Litter System

Tidy Cats Breeze Little System Review

The Tidy Cats Breeze system is totally different than anything out there for cat litter. It’s based on the premise that the really yucky part about cleaning out your cat’s box is the pee. This is most definitely true, in my experience. Even with clumping, odor-free litter, it’s still a huge pain.

But with Breeze, you never have to clean out the pee, because it simply filters to an absorbent pad below. No joke! You just put that pad into a pull-out tray at the bottom of the box and change it once a week (or more often if needed – I’ve been doing it once a week and it’s fine.)

In order for the urine to fully filter to the pad below, the box can’t use traditional cat litter. First, sandy litter would fall right through the strainer-like holes at the bottom of the box and second, it would absorb the urine before it could filter through. So, instead, the Breeeze box uses its proprietary sand-colored pellets.

The pellets dry very quickly and are completely free of any odor once dry. I’ve got a very sensitive nose and I promise you, this system truly is odor free! The pellets need to be changed once a per month.

The poo doesn’t stick to these magic pellets, so when you need to clean that out, you just scoop it (using the scooper that comes with the system) and flush it right down the toilet. Yes – it can and even should be flushed, rather than added to the landfill. (In fact, did you know that technically you should be flushing baby’s poo from their diapers before tossing it into the garbage?)

You’ll want to keep in mind that the pellets fill out the box less than what you might typically pour of sand – especially if your kitty is used to a “deep box”. I found that my cat adjusted within two days to the pellets – texture and depth – but if your kitty is more particular, you might want to fill it with two bags at first.

The Breeze system does suggest that you help your cat adjust by first adding a few pellets to her regular box, then mixing them half and half with litter in her regular box, then introducing the new Breeze box – next to her old box, which you CEASE cleaning out (so she’ll prefer the new clean Breeze box), and then eventually removing the old box altogether.

Since we’ve never had issues with my cat peeing anywhere other than in her box (thank G-d!), I decided that this acclimation process sounded way too high maintenance for me, so I just got rid of her old box and introduced the new system in one bold move!

The first two days, my cat held it in. But after that she was fine and has really loved the box ever since.

The Breeze box is pretty cool, too. It has three-quarter walls (to reduce any kicking-the-pellet-of-the-box mess) and comes with a scoop that has a hook on the back, so it sits right on the back of the box. I even like the color – a nice springy shade of green on the bottom with white walls.

When you pick up the Breeze system, it comes with the box, litter scoop, four pee pads and one bag of pellets. This should be enough to last you for one month – plenty of time to fall in love with the Breeze as much as I have!

Got any questions? Let me know! I’m happy to try to help.

This review was completely unsolicited. Tidy Cats doesn’t even know I exist. I have just been so pleased with how it’s working for us, that I wanted to pass on the news to you!



  1. Do the pellets stick to the feces when you scoop out to flush? Do they degrade quickly enough to be safe in a typical septic system? How environmentally friendly are they? Thanks.

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