Cape Cod | “Bargain of the Century” + Shark & Whale Sightings

Many of you know that I’ve been out in Massachusetts the last few days. On Sunday, I got the opportunity to teach a Kosher on a Budget class to the fabulous Women’s Circle of Chabad of Brookline.

Usually when I travel for classes, I go out and back in less than 24 hours. But this time, my hubby came along with me and we headed out to Cape Cod on Monday morning to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

We had a great and relaxing time, visiting Brewster, Chatham, Harwich, Provincetown and Hyannis. It’s so beautiful there and we had wonderful weather to boot!

On our first day, we walked along Main Street in Chatham and came across a Kennedy Art Gallery, which had the above painting that I absolutely fell in love with.

It’s called First Day at the Beach (by Michele Richard Kennedy) and it just reached out and grabbed me. I loved that little girl – who reminds me so much of my little girl. I’m not an impulse art buyer (by any means), but I really had to have this!

Fortunately they had a number of prints, since original art is not exactly “in the budget”. Well, turns out they were having a sale on the framed prints – and I grabbed this one for just $41 (regularly $55).

As we were checking out, the gallery owner said to me, “You just scored the deal of the century!”

To which my husband replied: “Haha! You have no idea who you’re talking to!”

I can’t wait to hang up my First Day at the Beach – deal of the century or not!

In other fun Cape Cod news, Frankie and I went on a whale watching trip. This was definitely my idea of a good time, although my hubby was popping Dramamine beforehand – just to show you how much he loves me!

We got really lucky and saw not only humpback whales, but also a Basking shark – the second largest fish in the world!

We saw a lot of this one particular mom and calf. Here’s the calf’s “hump”:

And the mom’s tail:

And here is that Basking shark – You can see his body reflected right under the water. He was soooo close to our boat – it was awe-some!

Anybody else have some fun vacation stories to share? Isn’t it amazing how refreshing a few days away from your normal routine can be?!


  1. Sounds wonderful…. So glad you had such a nice time! Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy many, many more happy and healthy years together!

  2. Hey Mara! It was wonderful meeting you on Sunday and your talk was very enlightening! So great you had fun on the Cape — and I love their many little art galleries, where I always want to buy up almost everything! This is a great buy though – the picture is terrific! I hope you got to sleep in as well 😉

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