Ask My Readers | Saving Money on Home Renovations

Today's anonymous reader question is about saving money on home renovations. We are looking to renovate a house and wanted to get feedback on the best ways to save on everything from new kitchen appliances to windows to bathroom vanities to gallons … [Read more...]

One Reader’s Story | Giving Back… On a Budget

This week, I received the most wonderful email from a reader, which I just had to share with you! With her blessing (although she did ask to remain anonymous), here's a great story about how to not just live fruitfully, but give fruitfully -- even … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Menu Ideas for Pre-Fast Meal

Today's reader question comes from Danit. I never remember what I make from one year to the next for my pre-fast menu for Tisha B'Av? Before Yom Kippur we always have roasted chicken, which obviously isn't an option.   Thanks for your ideas! I … [Read more...]

Reader Question | Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades (Stainless Steel Contact Paper & Granite Overlays)

Today's reader question comes from M in New Jersey. She's wondering about frugal home repairs. My husband and I just bought our first home, in West Orange, NJ. We're very excited about it and look forward to years of home projects. The house is … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Do You Keep Emergency Cash on Hand?

Today's reader question comes from Rochel, who - in light of Hurricane Sandy earlier this year and the tornado last week in Oklahoma - she's wondering about keeping emergency cash on hand. Should we keep emergency cash on hand? How much is … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | What to Feed Kids in the Days Leading Up to Passover?

I got a great question earlier this week from Sheyna, who was looking for suggestions on meal plans for her kids in the days leading up to Pesach, once your kitchen is already Kosher for Passover. What is everyone planning to feed their kids in … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Best Deals on Benchers for a Simcha

Today's reader question comes from Deb via Facebook. Any idea where I can get inexpensive benchers for a Bar Mitzvah (or other simcha)? Can you help Deb out? I'll be listening carefully to your responses, since we're T-3.5 years to our first … [Read more...]

Why Do Sales on School Supplies Vary Regionally?

For those wondering why (and frustrated by the fact that) all these great back to school sales vary regionally, here's the scoop. During the weeks leading up to back-to-school, we can get some killer deals at stores like Office Max, Office Depot … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | PreFast Meal Ideas for Tisha B’Av

Since several of you have asked me this via email or Facebook, I'm guessing there are many more that are also wondering. And in fact, I haven't yet figured this out either - so this one is rather self-interested! What are you planning to make for … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gifts

Today's reader question is one I'm wondering about, too - especially as my kids keep getting older (so sneaky of them!). Curious your thoughts on bar/bat mitzvah gifts. My list is getting longer of kids I owe gifts to but I'm just never sure what is … [Read more...]