Ask My Readers | Sheva Brachot Favors

Today's reader question comes from Shana. She's looking for some creative and frugal Sheva Brachot favor ideas. I'm going to be making a sheva brachos for some friends of mine. I wanted to make some kind of favor, but fairly inexpensive. I was … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | No-Prep Dinner Ideas

Today's reader question comes from Tova. She's looking for some quick-and-easy dinner ideas, that require virtually no prep time. My husband has recently started a job where he leaves the house very early and gets home late. While I enjoy cooking, … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Frugal Meal Ideas

Today's reader question comes from Rachel. She wants some good ideas for super frugal meals that don't involve eggs. I really need to keep our grocery budget low, but my kids don't like eggs. Do you have any other ideas? I feel like they are really … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Saving Money at Walt Disney World

Today's reader question comes from Elly. I am beginning to plan a Disney/Universal vacation for January and am looking for ideas on how to do it cheaply. My family is still in the "saving for Disney" phase, so I don't have any been-there-done-that … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Keeping Up with the Joneses

Today's reader question comes from "Shana" (not her real name), who lives "somewhere in New York". I just got this question yesterday, and while I don't normally post Ask My Readers on Friday, I couldn't wait on this one. I hope some of you will have … [Read more...]

Reader Q&A | How to Budget with “Extra” Paychecks

Today's reader question comes from a reader in Illinois. In my previous job, I was paid twice a month, which made 24 pay periods in a year. I just started a new job that pays every two weeks, which makes 26 pay periods in a year. I'm trying to … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Supporting Local Business vs. Saving Money

Today's reader question comes from Shana via Facebook. She's wondering about how to balance her desire to support local (kosher) establishments vs. to save money by shopping at national chains, such as Costco. How do you reconcile wanting to support … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Affordable Kosher Catering

Today's question comes from a reader in Washington, D.C. She's wondering about ways to save on kosher catering. I would love to hear how your readers find kosher catering on a budget. I saw on the bar mitzvah thread that one reader got a "lavish … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Favorite Kosher for Passover Cookbooks

Deb on Facebook is looking for some good recommendations for Kosher for Passover cookbooks. So of course, I'm turning to my favorite experts - You! I am more of a find-my-recipes-online type, so I can't wait to hear your suggestions! What's … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Best Deals on Shabbat Hot Plates

Plata. Blech. Shabbat hot plate. Call it what you will, my friend Tziporah asked on Facebook if "any of your readers have suggestions on warming trays for Shabbos/Yom Tov? We need one for Pesach." Perfect timing - because ours is biting the … [Read more...]