A Special Chanukah Recipe from Israel | Ta’amiyyah (Original Egyptian Falafel)

Gil Hovav is Israel’s leading culinary journalist, Gil Hovav has just released a brand new book translated into English, Candies from Heaven. In his native Israel, Gil Hovav is beloved as a special national cultural treasure. Now, finally, with … [Read more...]

Sufganiyot (AKA Homemade Jelly Donuts)

I can't believe it's almost Chanukah! Didn't we just put away our sukkah?! When we moved to Israel, we adopted the tradition of making sufganiyot for Chanukah instead of latkes (levivot). One year, my friend and I offered to make sufganiyot for the … [Read more...]

Apple Fritters for Chanukah

I love eating sufganiyot for Chanukah. But I don't always love making them. Scratch that. I like making them, but the rise time is a major bummer. So last night, when I had a hankering for something fried, but didn't want to wait a few hours … [Read more...]

Latkes Recipes

Reading through your answers about favorite Chanukah foods on my "A Great Miracle Happened There" giveaway post has me very excited for some yummy Chanukah foods. (Though, truthfully, it's not too hard to get me pumped up for fried foods!) While I … [Read more...]