Shabbat Cinnamon Rolls (from Challah Dough)

Last week, I shared this picture on Instagram of my nine year-old helping me to make our favorite Shabbat treat: Cinnamon Rolls!

I was asked if I would share the recipe, so thought I’d do so over here on the blog – in case any of you are interested, too.

A few things to keep in mind: First, I make our cinnamon rolls pareve, so we can eat them for dessert or breakfast… or, you know… both! Instead of butter, I use margarine (or even canola oil), and for the glaze, I use rice or soy  milk, rather than cow’s milk.

Also, I make my life easier by using the same dough from our (sweet) challah. Sometimes I make a double batch of dough – so we’re sure to have LOTS of cinnamon rolls. And sometimes I just make one batch with slightly smaller challot, and a couple of cinnamon rolls.

Either way… YUM!

This recipe is based on a full batch of challah dough (using 5-7 cups of flour), so you may need to adjust your other ingredients.


These sweet, gooey, cinnamony rolls are EVERYTHING. If you haven’t made them before, put them on your menu now! I’m promise: You won’t be sorry!


  1. Mara – Why do you preheat the oven at the beginning if you need to let it rise another 45 minutes before before baking them? Thanks

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