Chanukah Giveaway #1 | Kosherfest Gift Basket – Worth Over $250

Chanukah is almost here – can you believe it?!

And even though we usually keep our celebrations pretty low-key at our home, I am certainly not averse to spoiling my readers a little bit! 🙂

So I’ve put together a number of special giveaways, which I’ll be rolling out over the next several weeks. Today marks Giveaway #1… and it’s HUUUUGE!

Last month, as many of you know, I took a trip to New Jersey to attend Kosherfest 2011. For this mild Midwesterner, it was truly something to experience…

The food! The people! The hustle and bustle!

And the swag!

Today, I am super excited to be able to pass on some of that fabulous Kosherfest swag to one lucky reader.

Thanks to the generosity of many of the kosher vendors, we have put together this amazing gift basket featuring a smorgasbord of some of the best Chanukah-themed food & products at Kosherfest 2011.

With a retail value of over $250,this Chanukah gift package is filled to the brim with the following incredible goodies:

Chanukah metal cookie cutters from Rite Lite & Shulsinger Judaica

Large silicone dreidel baking molds from Rite Lite & Shulsinger Judaica (these are so cute for ice, jello or chocolate)

Dreidel shaped paying cards from Rite Lite & Shulsinger Judaica

Box of Chanukah candles from Rite Lite & Shulsinger Judaica

Menorah-shaped chocolates from Sugar-Plum

Box of protein bars from SIMPLY BAR

SCHNEIDER’s Crispy fried onions cans

Lipton kosher boxed soups from KEDEM Foods

Rabbi Mints from Rabbi Mintz (these cracked me up!)

Aluminum dreidel cake pan from The Kosher Cook

Kosher Keepers plastic food storage containers (imprinted with dairy, parve, meat) from Kosher Keepers

The Case of the Missing Menorah DVD from Shalom Sesame

+ a Cheese basket from Les Petites Fermieres and Anderson International, valued at over $85!

To enter this swaggy giveaway, please follow the instructions on the widget below. The first entry is mandatory; the other four are optional. The more you enter, the better your chance is of winning.

If you are reading this post in your email or an RSS feed, you will need to click through to the blog to enter the giveaway.

This giveaway will be open until 12:01 a.m. on Friday, December 9. The winner will be announced later that day.

Good luck!


  1. Sholom Bayit

  2. Elizabeth Weiss says

    I would love to recieve a gift card to Target for Chanukah!

  3. health & wealth

  4. That’s an easy one – the chance to sleep to 7am undisturbed! Oh, how luxuries have changed 😉

  5. A winning lottery ticket!

  6. What I want for Chanukah? I can’t think of anything…you can surprise me.

  7. A trip around the world… but i’d settle for a day at the spa 🙂

  8. a few mornings to sleep in late!

  9. A trip to Israel!

  10. schachter111 says

    For my kids to get along better more often!

  11. a night with undissrupted sleep!

  12. Health and peace!

  13. rebecca starr says

    Ultimate Hanukkah Present: 2 uninterupted and quiet hours at the gym!

  14. my ultimate gift for Chanuka? A trip for my family to Israel!

  15. I love a good giveaway.
    And I love love LOVE Chanukah “kitsch”.
    Thanks for hosting this!

  16. Mara –
    I love a good giveaway.
    And I love love LOVE Chanukah “kitsch”.
    Thanks for hosting this!

  17. I think just having all my kids home (2 who are living in dorms right now) is present enough.

  18. This basket looks great!! i could use some more sleep for chanukah but i will take a night out for dinner with my other half!

  19. esti reichman says

    vacation tickets

  20. I would love to get some cold hard cash!

  21. A vacation would be great. Or a new tv and something to make it get wifi.

  22. Wow love these things!

  23. An organized home. Oh, I’m sorry. You wanted me to post a wish not a miracle. Hmmm… I guess I’d go for a comfortable high heel.

  24. This basket would be amazing! If not…bunk beds for my daughters!

  25. The ultimate Chanankah gift would be to find a reasonably priced home in my area or a job in a more affordable area.

  26. A chanukah gift that would be truly amazing would be an all expenses paid trip to Israel with my family!

  27. an all expense paid vacation would be awesome, but I’ll settle for a nice night out.

  28. Chani Czeladnicki says

    a good night’s sleep!

  29. Margo Strahlberg says

    A massage chair from Brookstone!

  30. A smile from my children.

  31. Basya Samuels says

    One week paid vacation to Disneyworld for me and my kids!

  32. A winning lottery ticket for a large jackpot so I could pay off all my debts and families debts and stop having to worry about having enough money to pay all the bills.

  33. Ideal gift-some free babysitting. As much as I love my son, it’d be nice to have a bit of time for myself.

  34. Yanky Richler says

    A big giant Menorah full with Money!

  35. so many good ideas on here! I would also like a vacation (ideally to see family in South Africa), a new car with room for more passengers than “just” my triplets, or just a fun, weekend away with the family within driving distance 🙂

  36. the best chanukah present would be to take my kids to Israel.. free tickets would be awesome!!!!

  37. I wouldn’t mind winning the swag basket as well. 🙂

  38. Realistically, I want new workout clothes.

    Fantasy gift is a trip somewhere amazing. Israel would be great!

  39. Tickets to bring my sister and her family to Israel that would be a dream Chanukah gift:) (super cool give away!! thanks)

  40. The best Chanukah gift would be the ability to move back to Israel!

  41. I really want a sodastream for chanukah this year!

  42. Larry Lennhoff says

    A wonderful and reasonably priced Chanukah present would be the personal pie factory

  43. Rivkah Tuttle says

    I just got one of the biggest presents ever. I just want to be home safe and happy with my newly expanded family. I suppose a million dollars would be helpful too though;).

  44. Jessie wilson says

    My (realistic) dream chanukah gift: Boots! I’ve been wearing the same pair for 9 years. 🙂

  45. Susan Rosenberg Lubliner says

    A Kindle! I love to read and my husband is afraid he’s going to buried under all my books! (Each one is a favorite, to be read again and again ….. how could I just throw away a BOOK???)

  46. Brenda Mommy says

    The best Channukah gift I can think of is to be sure that my 4 young kids will all get a solid Jewish education that we can afford. Dayschool is expensive!

  47. I would love to go on a date w/my hubby. something simple, like diner & ice skating! but I wouldn’t mind a nice pair of earrings either, hint hint 🙂

  48. Hope I win 😉

  49. World peace and lots of chocolate.

  50. Abby Mandel says

    I would love a new caaaaar! But semi-realistically a professional camera to further my photog hobby! (Do I need to tag my husband in this post?!?)

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