Chanukah Giveaway #4: $250 CASH!!!

I am thrilled to announce this morning that for Chanukah Giveaway #4, I am giving away $250 in hard cold cash, courtesy of my favorite cash-back program, Ebates.

Yes, indeed.

The winner will receive their prize check within two to three weeks of the end of this giveaway. Talk about a great way to start 2012!

Use your winnings to pay off debt, pad your emergency fund, take a romantic get-away with your spouse, buy your kid that iPod he’s been begging for… or whatever your heart desires.

I’m once again using the Rafflecopter widget because it makes things so nice and easy for me – and hopefully quick for all of you, too.

Today there are 7 possible entries per person. The first entry is MANDATORY: Please leave a comment on this post telling me what you usually do with “windfall” money – whether it’s $20 your grandmother gave you for your birthday or a cash-back check from Ebates. Do you splurge? Save? Use it toward everyday expenses?

The second entry is not mandatory to enter, but it is mandatory to collect your winnings in the event that you win – and that’s to sign up for an Ebates account if you don’t already have one. If you win and are not a member of Ebates, you will be disqualified and a new winner must be chosen. That would be very sad.

The rest of the entries are all optional, but remember, the more ways you enter, the better your chances are of winning!

A note about Rafflecopter – the widget  now requires you to sign in. You only need to do this one and then you’re all set. You can sign in via your Facebook account, but you don’t have to. You can also use your name & email (see the little link below the Facebook box). Please let me know if you have any questions.

This giveaway will be open for four days – until Monday, December 19. The winner will be selected and notified on Tuesday, December 20 – just in time for the first candle!

Happy Chanukah my dear readers! Good luck to you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Ebates will provide one winning KOAB reader with the cash prize and requires that the winner be a registered member of Ebates to claim their prize. I was not compensated by Ebates to run this giveaway, nor to share my positive opinions of their cash-back site. I am, however, an affiliate of Ebates. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. I usually use windfall money toward ordinary expenses, boring, I know. But recently my husband and I got to have a free anniversary dinner out courtesy of some windfall money, which was fantastic. 🙂

  2. Depending on the amount it will either go toward everyday expenses or debt. I can’t wait to be debt free.

  3. Sharon Feiler says

    Hi-We have used windfall money to pay off debt, we have also used it to go out for a nice dinner if it has come around a birthday or anniversary.

  4. I put 1/2 into my ‘rainy day fund’ & 1/2 into my ‘trip to israel fund’

  5. I would use the money to buy a trundle bed for my guest room. Thank G-d we’re making good head-way on our debt, but not a lot left over for niceties to spruce up our house.

  6. I put it into my bank account unless I know I want something specifically.

  7. I usually buy something that I thought I ‘needed’ but didn’t really need til I got the money for it.

  8. I’d put it toward our long overdue family vacation.

  9. Goes in the bank.

  10. i have to confess, i usually use “windfall” money for every day expenses. i tend to be a practical, planned type of person. . .not very “romantic”, but that’s the way i am. maybe that is why i subscribe to “kosher on a budget”. . .i have been planning a weekly menu since i got married 38 years ago and i am always looking for “the most for my money”.

  11. windfall money is almost always reserved for “treats”: dinner out, chol hamoed trips, etc.

  12. It depends on when I get a ‘windfall’. If I need it for something specific, I use it for that. Otherwise it could be for a special treat.

  13. I’d spend some on myself, some on the kids and 10% to tzadakah.

  14. I’d definitely use it for everyday things…Love Ebates!

  15. Jorie DiCocco says

    I would love to put the money towards my girls education, we ask from our families for the holidays checks for the girls college funds.

  16. Ahava Steinbauer says

    Hello! I usually save windfall money and pay off our mounting debt. Not too exciting, but it gives me some peace of mind.

  17. to pay off any outstanding bills- try not to have any but if we splurged on something for example bought some clothes as syms going out of business – not really budgeted for that new unaccounted for bill must be paid off. that sort of thing. if there were no surprise bills the money would go into the savings envelope to be used on some unplanned emergency- there is always one of those around the corner!

  18. We usually use it towards expenses or save it when we can.

  19. Probably save half and spend half – we like to host people a lot, but it gets expensive.

  20. Melinda Hilsenrath says

    I’d pay a few bills and be very thankful

  21. Thanks! This is awesome, we could definitely use it 🙂

  22. save

  23. Pay for the expensive month we’ve had!

  24. I would pay down my lone credit card!

  25. We hardly ever have a windfall anything – I think last time was $50 from a raffle. We went out to dinner…

  26. I do little splurges…a magazine here, a Starbucks there, a pedicure there. It’s the little things that are enjoyable!

  27. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I would spend half on gas and food and the other half something nice for myself, I really need a new bag!

  28. Something for myself. I never really spend money on me.

  29. Put it into savings for a “rainy day.”

  30. SPLURGE!!!

  31. I usually save it up for a bigger purchase that is a splurge. I’m currently saving up for a Big Berkey.

  32. Pay off debt!

  33. We usually use extra unexpected money to balance our budget, unless of course it is a gift 🙂

  34. Unfortunately, we usually use “windfall” money to pay medical bills, but at least it helps.

  35. Pay bills . . .

  36. Unfortunately, I usually just add it to the “pot” where it gets used for bills.

  37. Sadly, it all goes into the regular bank account and gets used for regular expenses. But I keep it in the back of my mind to justify a “regular expense” that is perhaps not so necessary.

  38. I save half and spend half on something fun!

  39. chani zweig grunberger says

    I usually save it for a rainy day..

  40. Take my wife out

  41. buy toys for my kiddos!

  42. I put it in the bank!

  43. i usually end up using it for everyday expenses…

  44. Selena Treister says

    I try to set part of windfall money aside to use as a “fun fund” for my husband and me. The rest usually goes to regular living expenses.

  45. I usually put windfall money in our savings fund, because there is usually a need!

  46. I’m so boring because I usually apply windfall money to household expenses….sigh 🙂

  47. Splurge and go on disney cruises!

  48. My windfall money? Paying for the bills I racked up after my divorce and moving west to Denver … le sigh.

  49. It will be spent on my kids, most likely!

  50. Miriam Riven says

    Windfall money ends up being spent on everyday expenses. Wish I was morecareful with where money goes. This is a good place for inspiration 🙂

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