Check Out the Black Friday Comparison Chart

Black Friday Comparison Chart

“Mara, which store has the best deal on a microwave?” “Mara, where can I find the best price on Fisher Price Little People toys?”

I LOVE getting your questions! I do! But I’ve been thinking: I could either give you a fish (i.e. answer your question)… or I could teach you to fish (i.e. give you the tools you need to answer your own questions).

Well, I decided that this Black Friday season, we’re going to try our hand at learning how to fish!

If you’re confused, stay with me… I have just launched a comprehensive resource to help you find the best deals on the products YOU are looking for this Black Friday season. It’s a Complete Black Friday Price Comparison Chart.

This is a link you’re going to want to save to your bookmarks!

This list will be updated daily between now and Cyber Monday. Will it have every deal at every store? No. But it will have the vast majority of them. Do note that Amazon deals will be posted separately, as those are only publicized “day of”.

If you think this resource will be useful to your friends, please feel free to share it widely!

Happy deal shopping!


  1. Can we put in a request for a section for large baby/kid’s items – furniture, strollers, car seats, etc.?

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