Creative Mishloach Manot Ideas: Tea Time

Tea Time Mishloach Manot

Today’s creative mishloach manot idea comes from Rivky Waldman, who tied together her Tea Time theme with both her mishloach manot and her family’s costumes.

Ever since my kids were young, I enjoyed dressing them up for purim with some kind of theme and match the mishloach munes to it with a cute poem.

Last year we did the theme Tea Time. Since two of my boys are past bar mitzvah, they did not dress up majorly. I bought t-shirts and made an Avery iron-on transfer sheet with a picture of a tea-pot and the words “My name is ___. I’m a part of a TEAriffic team.”

Everything in our mishloach manos was related.  The two fancy ones that I made had a tea set with a cupcake inside the tea cup and tea bags, honey and lemon candies inside the teapot.

The simpler ones were in a metal box that I bought at Toys4U, which had a big teapot on it. Inside was an ice tea drink, the cupcake with the teacup on top, honey and lemon candies and tea biscuits.

The poem enclosed read:

Honey and lemon add to tea a perfect flavor
We hope that you enjoy it, to the last drop you will it savor
But what would tea be without something to munch on at the side
Our “tearrific” team presents you these goodies made by us with pride
Included with it we send wishes to your family and to you
For a simchas purim  and a  simchas tumid the whole year through.

Rivky Waldman believes that Purim and the preparation work for it is meant to be enjoyed and done with simcha.  It does not have to be expensive to look cute. You can find more of Rivky’s Purim themes and ideas on Facebook.


  1. Where did you get the tea set? This is adorable!

  2. Perela Katz says

    can you show a picture of what you got in toys4u.

  3. I like this Idea to add to mishloach munes

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