CVS Deals for Week of 8/15/10: Great Week to Roll Your ECBs

CVS Deals

This is a great week at CVS, especially if you have some ECBs waiting to be rolled like I do. If you are new to CVS shopping, be sure to check out my How to Shop at CVS tutorial.

I have $10 in ECBs from that Pampers Deal a few weeks back, so here’s my plan to spend just $.99 out of pocket and get $42 worth of products. And still have $4.50 in ECBs left over. AND earn $5 from a mail-in-rebate. (Told you it was a great week!)

(1) Transaction #1

Zegerid OTC $9.99 Earn 7 ECBs Limit 1
Use $5/1 Zegerid OTC, 42 ct from 8/15/2010 Smart Source Insert
Plus FREE Zegerid OTC Mail in Rebate from 6/20/2010 Smart Source Insert
=FREE + $12 overage after $5 coupon and mail-in-rebate!

Rite Guard Deoderant Buy One Get One Free ($2.99 each)
Use BOGO Right Guard Product from 7/25/2010 Red Plum Insert
= 2 FREE deoderants after coupon and sale!

Total: $9.99

Pay with $10 ECB from Pampers deal, so spend NOTHING out of pocket but tax, and earn $7 ECBs

(2) Transaction #2

Blink Tears Drops $8.99 Earn 8.99 ECBs Limit 1
Use $1/1 Blink Tears or Gel Tears Lubricating Eye Drops from 8/15/2010 Red Plum Insert
= FREE + $1 in overage after coupon and ECBs!

Total: $7.99

Pay with $7 ECB from #1 + another $.99 and tax, earn $8.99 in ECBs

(3) Transaction #3

Crest Rinse, Toothpaste or Floss ($3.49) Earn 2.50 ECBs Limit 2
Buy two, use (2) $1/1 Crest Toothpaste 4 oz+ 8/1/2010 Proctor & Gamble Insert
=FREE after coupon and ECBs!

Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner $4.99 Earn 2 ECBs Limit 1
Buy two, use $1/1 Head & Shoulders 8/15/2010 Red Plum Insert and the BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Head & Shoulders 7/11/2010 Smart Source Insert
= .98 each after coupons and ECB!

Total: $8.97

Pay with $8.99 ECB from #2, so spend NOTHING out of pocket but tax and earn another $2.5 and $2 in ECBs

For just $.99 (plus tax) out of pocket, I will get $42 worth of products and still have $4.50 in ECBs to roll next time! And that’s why I love CVS!

Special thanks to The Thrifty Mama, the queen of CVS deal match-ups. Be sure to visit her site for all of this week’s best bargains!


  1. Mara – how do you figure the free right guard? Are you using a coupon in addition to the BOGO? Was it in the Sunday paper?

    • Becca – The Right Guard is on sale BOGO. Then you use a BOGO coupon, so you get one free with your coupon and one with the store sale. It’s nutty, I know but CVS (and most other stores) let you get two free products this way. It’s one of my fav couponing tricks, actually! The BOGO coupon was in the July 25th insert. That’s why you’ve gotta save those inserts!

      • I didn’t get a red insert in my ad. But there’s a little black circle with a picture of scissors over some of the items (including the right guard) that says, “Coupon in Sunday’s Paper”, but I don’t get the paper.

  2. By the way – it goes without saying that your deals are SICK this week!!!! I would love to know how much you save over the course of a month/year!

    • Aw, thanks! You know, I can give you a rough estimate the next time I go to CVS. Your receipt prints up with a little year-to-date savings thing on the bottom and a quarterly spending total as well. I’d have to guestimate the yearly spending, but I think I can do it pretty close if you’re curious!

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