CVS: Save Your Free Exedrin Coupons. Make $10.

free excedrin coupon

Yes, you read that right! CVS is having a HOT ECB deal next week on Excedrin that you are going to want to take advantage of!

Have you gotten your free Exedrin coupons yet? They are available again, so go here to request that your free product coupons be sent to you. (Click on Healthcare – I found them on the fourth page on the bottom.)

Request one of each – the red and the green. Then do it again on another computer, so you will get a total of FOUR coupons for FREE products sent to you. Oh, and if you only got two last time, you can request again, as these have reset.

Then use them next week, starting January 2, at CVS like this:

Excederin – Spend $20, Get $10 ECB

– Buy 4 24-count Excedrin, $5.24 each
– Use 4 Free Excedrin coupon
= $0 out of pocket, earn $10 ECBs

Even if you don’t use Excedrin, do this deal and donate them. Then use the $10 in ECBs toward anything you do use at CVS. Free shampoo! Free toilet paper! Free toothpaste! The possibilities are dizzying 😉

If you haven’t starting “doing the CVS thing”, next week will be a great week to start. Read my How to Shop at CVS Tutorial to get ready!

Thanks, Kansas City Mamas!


  1. Hi Mara!

    I love your site– just started reading a few weeks ago.

    Question: how long did it take for them to send you this coupon? Think I will get it before this deal expires?



    • Hi Jessica – Thanks for being a reader! I’m glad you’re here 🙂 The popup says it will take 4-6 weeks, but I got mine in less than a week. Also, if your store is sold out (which I’m guessing might happen on a hot deal like this), you can always request a raincheck – which will produce the ECBs whenever you do buy it. The coupons are good til March, 2011, so that might work for you as well.

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