Daily Worth | FREE Financial Email Newsletter for Women + Chance to Win $704

DailyWorth is a free personal finance email newsletter for women, aimed at helping you recognize your own self-worth and build your wealth.

I know a number of readers signed up for DailyWorth when I mentioned it last winter. Here’s what Sharon had to say about her newsletter:

I love all your money-saving tips. I just signed up for DailyWorth and so far, I am really liking the articles on saving. They have a lot of different calculators for retirement and other savings goals, which I’m finding helpful.

In addition to a FREE weekly email, if you sign up for DailyWorth now, you will be entered into a huge cash giveaway.

Three lucky DailyWorth subscribers will win $704, which is what the average American family spent during the 2011 holiday season. (I’m guessing lots of us can better that for Pesach – epsecially if we’re hosting two sederim!)

Sign up for DailyWorth HERE.

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