Day #2 Hotspot Challenge | The Kitchen Results!

(You can surely tell how much I love you because I’m willing to share these abominable before pictures with you! Hot.mess!)

Are you joining me for the Hotspot Challenge?

I have been unbelievably gratified to hear from so many of you via email and Facebook. Check out this beautiful message from Meredith:

I didn’t stick to the 20 minute timer and spent a lot longer on my landing areas, and I forgot to take “before” pictures, so it looks a lot less impressive because you can’t see the difference, but I’m loving the almost-clear counter (covered with mail and various junk before) and the hooks that now are vastly pared down.

I put the out of season jackets and various extra tote bags away. Much more streamlined. Of course, the picture was taken before my kids got home from school and added their coats and backpacks, but still….

Thanks for the inspiration! ~ Meredith S.

Wow! I’m so proud of you, Meredith, and I’m cheering you on for continued success!

So let me share a quick update on my kitchen progress. Remember how I said that yesterday’s entryway / landing spot challenge was pretty quick and easy for me?

Ha! Well, today’s challenge was quite a bit more time consuming.

I did set my 20-minute timer…

but it took me all that time just to empty out the first cabinet, and wipe down the shelves.

(Anyone else feel like when they’re decluttering, they make an even BIGGER mess first?! 😭)

After those first 20 minutes (technically 22), I took a break, did some blogging, prepped dinner, ran some errands, and came back at it for another 20 minutes.

And another.

And then another.

When all was said and done, I spent nearly two hours in our back-kitchen, but holy moly, what a difference!

I wish you could see it all in person. It’s LOVELY! I keep going back there, opening the cupboard doors, and smiling like a big ole’ dork.

Don’t mind me: I’ll just be over here, drinking in the beauty of a totally cleared kitchen hotspot!!!

Last but definitely not least, I spent about 10 minutes today checking off items on my Daily Chores Checklist…. because all these wonderfully cleared hotspots aren’t going to maintain themselves!

If you haven’t signed up for  my free 5-Day Hotspot Challenge, do that now and I’ll send you my Daily Maintenance Checklist!

So…. how is your kitchen hotspot coming along? I can’t wait to hear!


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