Dozen Eggs for Just $.50 at Target – Up to 10 Dozen! (Today & Tomorrow Only)

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.40.33 AMWOW!!! Calling Target shoppers. Head yourself over to Target through tomorrow, to score a dozen Market Pantry eggs for just $.50 a dozen.


There is a new Cartwheel coupon good for 50% off Market Pantry Large 12 Count Eggs. And it’s valid on up to 10 dozen. (TEN!!)

Even better, eggs are on sale this week for just $.99 a dozen. So that means you’ll pay just $.50 with your Cartwheel.

This Cartwheel expires tomorrow, March 26th.

Also… as KOAB reader Tova just pointed out, she was able to get a $.25 off rebate on eggs from Ibotta. Now, I am not seeing this in my Ibotta list of offers, so I presume that this is geo-targeted. Also, keep in mind that it’s only good on the first dozen that you buy. Even still, I thought it was worth it to mention that one of your dozens may be able to be purchased for $.25.

(New to Ibotta? Read this post which explains my new favorite money-saving app.)

Okay, so here is the deal… If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that 10 dozen eggs for $.50 would be a pretty nice price savings for Peasch.


Well, I did some Googling and it looks like that may not be the best plan. I mean, everyone has to do what they think is best for their family, but I did read that it’s not recommended to keep eggs in the fridge for longer than 3 weeks  after purchase.

You could freeze them (don’t freeze them in the shell – crack them first). Or if you turn over your kitchen a bit early, you could certainly use them for baking within the next three weeks.

All that said, I’m nearly certain that I’ve had eggs for longer than 3 weeks (I am remembering a few good Aldi sales), and we’ve been okay. So…. I guess just make your own choice with full information. 🙂

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Thanks for the heads up on the sale, Kim!


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