Earn $125 When You Open a Capitol One 360 Checking Account + $75 When You Open a Savings Account

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Capital One Black Friday Sale


Wahoo! I was so hoping we’d see this offer! Of all the savings on Black Friday, this is my very favorite “deal”. Because this one isn’t just about saving money. It’s about MAKING money.

Capital One 360 — where my husband and I personally bank — is offering you a total of $200 in bonuses when you open an online checking and savings account.

Capital One Black Friday Sale

Open a 360 Checking account by December 2nd and earn a $125 bonus

  • This has to be your first 360 Checking account.
  • Make a total of 5 debit card purchases (either signature or PIN-based) or 5 CheckMate S deposits (or any combination of the two) within 45 days.
  • Your $125 bonus will be automatically deposited into your account on day 50.
  • You will earn interest on your cash balance.

Capital One Black Friday Sale

Open a no-fee 360 Savings account by December 2nd and earn a $75 bonus

  • This has to be your first 360 Savings (including Orange Savings Accounts) account and it needs a $500 minimum initial deposit or more
  • The bonus starts earning interest on day 1, but you can’t take it out for at least 30 days.

Capital One 360 typically offers a $50 bonus, so this is a HUGE increase – and it’s good just thru Monday, December 2nd.

What if you don’t have $500 to open the savings account?

There are no minimum deposit requirements on the checking account, so at a bare minimum, you really should open one — if you haven’t already.

I adore our checking account, which I call our virtual envelope system. It’s perfect for those of us that can’t seem to make cash envelopes work for them.

Is the Savings Account worth it for the $500 minimum open requirement?

With regard to the Savings Account bonus, if you have the $500 anyway and can afford / don’t mind tying it up for 30 days, then I think of the $75 as a 15% interest rate.

That’s pretty much unheard of these days, especially for a sure thing!

Also, if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you already know how much I love our Capital One 360 savings accounts. I’d recommend them even without the bonus — but since they do this twice-a-year bonus offer, I always recommend that you sign up NOW vs in two months.

One of my favorite features of the Savings Accounts is that they allow you to set up multiple sub-savings accounts. We have a lot of sub-accounts (a LOT). I’m a visual person and they help me to see exactly how much we have saved toward each need / goal.

These “sink funds” are how we prepare for all sorts of predictable expenses, like our semi-annual car insurance premium, our sons’ bar mitzvahs, and even our gift-buying for Chanukah (read more about how we do our sink funds at Capital One 360).

As I’ve said, I really believe that of all the DEALS I’ve shared this week, this one is the very best one around. You can never go wrong with an extra $200 in your pocket!

Sign up for your Capital One 360 Checking and Capital One Savings Accounts HERE.


  1. I wanted to open an account with them after I read your post.. I quickly looked up reviews and read really bad reviews.. what do you think? I mean, clearly you are happy with them and recommend them… I’m just worried I’ll lose the money I put in!

    • What? No way! We’ve been using them for five years and have never had a single issue. How would you lose the money?! Definitely not. Totally normal bank; they just twice a year offer a bonus to customers who start accounts (Black Friday and Independence Day). Many KOAB readers have signed up and I have never heard about a single issue from them either. I’m honestly trying to rack my brain to think what could be someone’s issue, but no, I’m super happy with Capital One (formerly ING Direct). We have both types of accounts, for the record, but started with just a savings account. The sub-accounts are brilliant and totally keep us on track with our savings goals.

      PS I just googled to see what you could have found. I’m not sure, but it looks like you may have been reading about a brick and mortar Capital One with local branches? This bank (formerly ING Direct) is only online. Shoot me an email if you have any other questions, because I definitely want you to feel comfortable and would never recommend something this important if I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with it myself.

  2. Hi! Thnkas for sharing. After we open either of these accounts, is there a minimum balance the account need to carry long term? Are there ever possible fees? I can’t find this info on their website! Thanks.

    • Rebecca – There is no minimum balance required to open or maintain the checking. The savings requires you to open with $500 (and possibly it has to stay for that first month until you get the bonus – double check me on that.) There are no fees. And you can even set up overdraft on the checking. Let me know if you have any other questions. LOVE THIS BANK!

  3. My husband and I aren’t with Capital One 360, though I want to sign up this weekend. Do you know if we can each sign up for our own accounts as single rather than joint and get double the bonuses?

  4. I signed myself up and my husband up using the same checking account for our new savings account and it seemed to work. Mara, I hope the link you provided was a referral link, as you can be raking in the dough. Had I noticed there was a referral option, I would have referred my husband and someone else so I could get a referral bonus.

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