Email Subscribers: Are you getting my feed?

Okay, thank goodness for parents and friends who subscribe to my feed… otherwise I wouldn’t know that apparently it hasn’t be going out. If you are an email subscriber reading this IN YOUR EMAIL, would you mind terribly clicking over and leaving me a comment, so I know you’re seeing this as you’re supposed to be. I’m now going to attempt to figure out what the heck is going on with my feed. I’m so sorry you  haven’t been getting it as you are supposed to.

I think other RSS feeds like blog lines are still working? Can you confirm or deny?

I love my subscribers and I promise to figure this out ASAP (or as ASAP as a technologically-challenged person can figure!)



  1. I still have not received your blog via g-mail, so I went to the blog directly.

  2. my rss feed wasn’t refreshing for your site, but it just did, so you must have fixed it!

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