FREE $5 Paypal Credit (EXPIRED)

Free $5 Paypal credit
Update: This offer has now expired.

Okay, come on now. Who doesn’t love free money?

Paypal is giving away a FREE $5 credit to anyone with a Paypal account. (I think this is gonna get expensive for those Paypal number crunchers!)

Click on the Let’s Get Started button here, then scroll through the screens, answering all the questions. On the last screen, choose the free $5 PayPal credit and you should be good to go! (For me, it was the last option.)

You should receive an email with details about your $5 credit within a week.

Thanks, Daily Cheapskate.


  1. WOW! This totally made my day, thanks Mara! 🙂

  2. The link isn’t working for me for some reason. Is there any way to get to it from my paypal account?

  3. I don’t see a “let’s get started” button, just a “sign up now”. Possible they took it down?

  4. Bobbie Lewis says

    I couldn’t figure out how to get the $5 credit. I didn’t see any questions to answer on the screen that came up when I clicked “Let’s Get Started.”

  5. Same here – just the welcome screen after log in, no questions. 🙁

  6. i also am not having success with this

  7. Sorry everybody. It looks like this offer has now expired. 🙁

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