I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream, For Free Ice Cream

We love Baskin Robbins at our house. It’s a definite after-baseball-practice treat. In fact, my oldest son has decided that he should get a cone after every game in which he gets someone out. I don’t bother arguing with him, since it means I get ice cream, too!

Now I can get an extra scoop for free (yay, my favorite price!), from now until August 8th, with Baskin Robbins’ Buy-One-Get-One-Free coupon on their soft serve ice cream. You can download the Baskin Robbin coupon here.

Kashrut Note: In case you weren’t aware, most of the BR flavors are certified kosher except for pink bubble gum, rocky road and maybe a few others? Always ask to see the cover of the serving tub to verify the hechsher for yourself. Re. the soft serve, according to this advisory from kosher.com:

The plain Baskin Robbin’s Soft Serve Ice Cream is kosher. The consumer is responsible to check on the kosher status of any ad-ins.

Disclaimer:  I’m obviously not a mashgiach; I’m just a frugal kosher mama. Please confirm this and all other kosher-related questions with your rabbinic authority of choice.


  1. What a great and unique perspective for a money-saving blog! Love it!

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