Free Chanukah Cards and Almost-Free Wrapping Paper at Hallmark

There is an awesome $5 off $5 coupon for Hallmark stores available as a tear-out in a number of magazines right now. The coupon will make for 3 or 4 free Chanukah cards or 2 rolls of wrapping paper for just $.99 (after coupon).

You can find the coupon in the December issue of the following magazines (if you don’t get any of these, check your library — just be sure to ask the librarian before you rip out the postcard):

  • Oprah Magazine
  • Redbook
  • Midwest Living
  • Real Simple
  • Martha Stewart
  • Family Circle
  • Southern Living
  • and possibly others!

If you spot the $5 coupon in any other magazines, be sure to let us know! I’m off to check my (free) Oprah. Yay for free cards!

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