Free Kids’ Apps Friday – Download 18 FREE Apps Today Only (7/5/13)

Clean Your Room App

It’s Free Kids’ App Friday!

Through 10PM CST, you can download as many as 18 FREE kids’ apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad worth over $50.

I noticed that a lot of these apps today are only for the iPad, so be sure to read the descriptions before you go downloading. Also, I spotted three that mentioned in-app purchases. If your kids are likely to be vulnerable to the “up-charge” (I know mine are!), you might want to avoid those.

Personally, I’m intrigued by the Clean Your Room app. Because, turns out, nagging, yelling, bribing and threatening aren’t working so well for me.

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across a similar site for Android apps – but if anyone knows of one, please chime in!


  1. Batsheva says

    You just made my 10-year-old’s day! Thank you so much!

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