Free Leather Bound Photo Book Offer. Hurry, expires today!

Free Picaboo Photo Book

I am SO excited about this freebie and wanted to share it with you guys as well!  Picaboo is offering a free photo book, up to a $39.99 value. The first 20 pages are free, and you can choose from the classic style or the leather-bound version. You will have to pay for shipping, which is $8.99.

If you want to get your free book, here’s what you need to do:

1. Click on this Picaboo link.

2. Download the software (left corner of the website) and install it on your computer. That took  about 8 minutes for me.

3. Select and upload the pictures you want to include, using the user-friendly app.

4. Organize the pictures however you want — single shots, group clusters, straight, diagonal, with captions, without, etc. etc. You can even pick the background color of the pages and the cover style and binding type.

5. Order your book (click on the order tab within the app) and be sure to use the coupon code FREEBK at checkout. Then, wait impatiently for the UPS guy!

I just finished making an album to chronicle our summer vacation road trip! (If you’re curious to see it, send me an email and I’ll send you a link to my preview. It is so AWESOME!) I know Chanukah isn’t for a while, but if your family does gifts, I’m thinking this might make a great fit for the grandparents.

Hurry, this freebie expires tomorrow tonight (August 31)!

Disclaimer: That link to Picaboo is an affiliate link. Which means that if you do happen to decide to get your free book using that link, I think I will get $1. I’m not sure, though, since it’s free, I might not. You can tell I’m really sophisticated with all this affiliate stuff.


  1. mara, is there a page limit if we want to still get it for free?

    • just answered my own question, under 20 is free, than you pay per page. just mailed a lovely album to my mother-in-law; thanks for the amazing tip mara!

  2. Dana Horesh says

    Good news!!! You have until Pacific Time. SO if you are like me and planning on running out for 24 more boxes of cereal, you actually have until 2am to finish putting together your photo album.

  3. Glad you guys got to make one, too! I’m so excited to get mine.

  4. My books arrived over the Chagim. It was so fun to look at them last night. I did have one typo (as predicted since I did them after 11pm). It said Cape Code Cousins instead of Cape Cod Cousins. Oh well. I can live with one typo and will remember us rushing to get them done before the offer expired.

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