FREE Princess Printables from Target

It’s National Princess Week. Who knew?!

Target is celebrating with a number of fun princess printable downloads, including a princess activity kit, a printable tiara, Disney paper dolls and princess games.

When you click over, just click on the Download PDF link in the gold “seal”. (You’re looking for the picture below.)



  1. Mara,

    Thank you so much, my daughter is home sick today. This is perfect for her.


  2. I guess you got over your ambivalence about princesses. I’m still struggling with it!

    • LOL – I totally am still ambivalent! In fact, I almost linked to that post but decided against it. Fortunately she has no idea what princesses are. Her grandparents got her a Barbie car for her Chanukah present, so whenever she sees princesses she calls them Barbies. I’m hoping to keep her in the dark a bit longer.

      • Good luck on that one! We were able to keep my older daughter from it until she went to school…then it was ALL OVER for both of my girls (though my middle likes cars, trucks and trains just as much).

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