Free Printable: 2-Letter Words for Scrabble & Banangrams

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Okay, this is a fairly atypical post, but I thought it might be useful for some of you.

When I was in the States last month, I picked up the game, Banangrams. We’re fairly regular board game players, but somehow we never had Banangrams.

Y’all. We love it!

I’m a big word nerd, so the game definitely suits me; but I also love how much fun we all have playing it. Over chag, we played a 7-person game, with my brother in law’s family. So.much.laughter!

I especially love how it’s making my kiddos care a whole lot more about spelling! (And building their vocabulary.) My 10-year old now regularly spells out “Zeal” whenever she gets a Z!

Anyway, my kids have ruled that I am not allowed to use any two-letter words (fair enough) in my grid – but they, of course, are.

Unfortunately, I never managed to memorize the two-letter word list for Scrabble, so other than the obvious – of, an, it, by – they weren’t doing much with that advantage.

The other day, I decided to print up a list of these Permitted 2-Letter Words to keep in the Banangrams pouch.

Note: This isn’t all of the two-letter options (from the most recent dictionary), but it’s enough that it really helps them out.

After writing up the list for my kiddos, I thought – hey, maybe there’s a KOAB reader who might like this, too. So I’m going to link it HERE if you want to print it out.


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