FREE Tax Returns | Turbo Tax or H&R Block

It’s February. Just two and a half more months ’til taxes are due. I’ve been slowly working on getting all of our paperwork organized for our accountant. Yes, since Frankie and I have a home-based business, tax prep is one area that we unfortunately can’t DIY.

But if you have a simple tax return and are planning to do it on your own, there are a couple of free tax return software programs available right now.

H&R Block

  • Calculate and eFile your federal return online for FREE
  • State returns are an additional charge
  • FREE audit support and representation from an enrolled agent

Turbo Tax

  • #1 Rated, Best-Selling tax software (Intuit-brand product)
  • FREE preparation, FREE printing, FREE efiling for your simple federal tax return (state filings are not free)
  • FREE Audit Support Center and live online help

Are you a DIYer when it comes to your tax return? Or do you also outsource it to an accountant? Do you file early? Or are you more likely to be asking for an extension?

(By the way, I know at least a few of my readers are accountants, so if you want to chime in in the comments section – please be my guest)!


  1. The clanger in some of the free software offers is that state returns aren’t included.

    There’s a free program, sponsored by the IRS, in which certified volunteers prepare both federal and state returns and file them electronically. I’m a volunteer in the program here. While there are some restrictions on the types of returns (no farm returns, for example) and there’s an income ceiling, it would work for many people.,,id=107626,00.html

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