FREE Webinar ~ From Overworked to Overjoyed: How to Plan, Strategize and Enjoy YomTov

In this one hour, free webinar, learn the best tried and true strategies from Rivkah of Jewish Life Organized and her husband Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin of the Relationship Rabbi for success with your High Holiday planning.

Underlying their organizing advice is ensuring a foundation of good relationships between spouses – especially during these stressful times.

Learn more about how to:

  • Diffuse arguments that may arise from extended family
  • How to create a team approach with your spouse so you feel 100% supported at all times
  • Strategies for child behavior success despite the lack of structure and change in schedule over the holidays

Plus get organizing tips for a smooth Yom Tov.

I just downloaded this now and listened to it while blogging. I really enjoyed it – there is lots of good food for thought.

Download your free From Overworked to Overjoyed webinar.

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