Fun Friday Giveaway – Betsey Johnson Flats in Black, Size 8 (1 Winner)

6pm has had some killer sales lately, haven’t they?!

Last week, I grabbed myself a pair of the above Betsey Johnson flats in black for just $19.99, originally $80. (Hello!)

But right before I checked out, I had a thought: Why not grab an extra pair. To giveaway.

Because if I love something, I think you guys might, too.

I bought my extra pair in a size 8. But these run a bit small – so if you’re regularly a 7.5 (or even a 7?), these will probably be great for you. Or if you have a very narrow foot, you’ll be golden.

If you want me to ship you this pair of shoes, just leave a comment on this post – any comment’ll do. I’ll pick a winner Sunday night (12/2) and ship them out on Monday.

Happy Shabbos Shoes to you!

Disclaimer: There is nothing to disclaim here. Just me sharing a happy deal with my favorite readers! 

P.S. Sorry – forgot to add that I can only send to US residents. Well, actually, if you live outside the States, I’ll need a US address to ship ’em too.


  1. Cute shoes and great blog! Thanks! 🙂

  2. yitty nussbaum says

    These are such a verstile pair of flats. My 14 year old daughter would be thrilled with this pair and then even more thrilled with her mother! Great giveaway. Good Shabbos

  3. I think its really sweet of you to think of your readers like that.

  4. Cute shoes and great idea for a giveaway!

  5. Thank you! I would love these…my first “real” pair of shoes (ie: not from Payless or Target). Would be great to have cute comfy shoes for long days on my feet!!

  6. These look comfy! Thanks for thinking of your readers. Have a great shabbos!

  7. Love these shoes! I would be so excited if I won a new pair for shabbos 🙂

  8. Great shoes and I’m a 7.5 🙂

  9. Love these shoes! great idea!

  10. These are too cute!

  11. penina berger says

    Such cute flats! and my size too:)

  12. This would be a great pre-Chanukah present!

  13. love them! size 8 here!

  14. Have a wonderful shabbos!

  15. Adina yaakov says

    Id luv to win. I love betsey johnson!

  16. Would love to win these! And if they don’t fit me, I have family members who would love them as well!

  17. Adina yaakov says

    Just making sure my comment is published!

    • Yup! I have manual approval on right now (I don’t know – wordpress won’t haywire and is making me approve every comment 🙁 ), so it just took me a few minutes to get to them!

      Shabbat Shalom!

  18. Shoes? Free? 2 of my favorite things!

  19. u r awesome! 🙂
    and thank u!

  20. I missed ordering these and would love a pair.

  21. Thanks for the chance!

  22. Elisheva Balas says

    Mara, you’re the best!

  23. These shoes are adorable…I would love them!!

  24. I’d love to be shoe twins with you! Shabbat shalom!

  25. so cute – love wearing flats like this!

  26. Super cute and just my size! You are so sweet!

  27. Pretty new shoes would make a great Chaukah gift to my feet! : )


  29. Evelyn Behar says

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE these! Perfect for walking around NYC, Chicago, and all of the other cities I seem to call home at any given time! May the winner wear them in good health (and thank you, mom, for passing on size 8 genes!). 😉

  30. Sara Meisler says

    Such cute shoes! Thank you so much – it’s so sweet of you to do a giveaway like this!

  31. I would love them! I went up 2 sizes since my son was born and would love a new pair of shoes!

  32. Would love a pair.

  33. Nice kicks 😉 Would look great with my black pantsuit for work.

  34. thanks! fun giveaway!

  35. Woo Hoo..they run way small ..I’m a 7 but can wear those 8’s!

  36. Lauren Cohen says

    Adorable flats and what a great way to spread the love! Thanks for the fun give away.

  37. Size 9 and half would be great!!

  38. My daughter in Beit Shemesh would love these!

  39. When you posted the 6pm sale, I picked up some shoes for myself. My daughter saw them and was disappointed that I didn’t buy any for her. Now, maybe she can get a pair :).

  40. cute shoes!

  41. Hey,
    I’m so grateful for this website, it really helps to get things I need and want on sale, free, and discounted prices. Thanks for thinking of us!!
    I’d love to win these shoes, they look so comfortable and practical!

  42. I love them

  43. What a nice idea! And sweet shoes!

  44. Love these shoes!