Fun Friday Giveaway – Betsey Johnson Flats in Black, Size 8 (1 Winner)

6pm has had some killer sales lately, haven’t they?!

Last week, I grabbed myself a pair of the above Betsey Johnson flats in black for just $19.99, originally $80. (Hello!)

But right before I checked out, I had a thought: Why not grab an extra pair. To giveaway.

Because if I love something, I think you guys might, too.

I bought my extra pair in a size 8. But these run a bit small – so if you’re regularly a 7.5 (or even a 7?), these will probably be great for you. Or if you have a very narrow foot, you’ll be golden.

If you want me to ship you this pair of shoes, just leave a comment on this post – any comment’ll do. I’ll pick a winner Sunday night (12/2) and ship them out on Monday.

Happy Shabbos Shoes to you!

Disclaimer: There is nothing to disclaim here. Just me sharing a happy deal with my favorite readers! 

P.S. Sorry – forgot to add that I can only send to US residents. Well, actually, if you live outside the States, I’ll need a US address to ship ’em too.




  1. those shoes are adorable! or as you would say “drool”! what a great price!

  2. Cute shoes!

  3. Karen Rubin Brown says:

    Very cute shoes…and very kind of you!!! 🙂

  4. Very cute and I’ve really wanted to try some ballet flats.

  5. Love it! And love this blog and all your tips and info.

  6. what a great idea – they are really cute! 🙂

  7. i would love to win them,
    and they are my size

  8. Cute shoes!
    I’m so glad I found this blog.

  9. Good pair of black flats!

  10. I’m a Betsey Johnson fan and these black shoes seem like they would go great with any outfit.

  11. eva matthew says:

    Thanks for the great idea. They are adorable.

  12. Wow! These shoes are adorable! And a great size 🙂

  13. 7.5 here!

  14. Cute shoes! I would love these 🙂

  15. I need these for my pregnant feet! 🙂

  16. So cute! Thanks for thinking of us!

  17. What a great idea!

  18. I almost bought these because I SHOULD be wearing flats more, and they were so cute.
    But I procrastinated.
    Looks like I’m getting a second chance 😉

  19. Yehudis Bernhaut says:

    These shoes are adorbs!!!!! I have a serious shoe problem and these would fit right into my collection!!!!

  20. Munita Lebson says:

    Wow such a cool giveaway and the perfect size as well.

  21. So cute!! Pick me!

  22. Nancy Sokolove says:

    yay, sized 7.5 / 8 🙂 that’s me too! they are cute….

  23. Love em!!

  24. Yehudis Bernhaut says:

    These shoes are adorable! I have a serious shoe problem and these would fit right into my collection!!!!

  25. So cute! thank you!

  26. Just my size- thanks!

  27. Win shoes?!? You know how to make a girl happy!

  28. Maybe I will get lucky here! Would love to win these.

  29. These are so adorable. Thank you for thinking of us 🙂 they are the perfect size too!!

  30. They are so super cute and my size. Would be awesome to win these. Thanks for buying an extra pair!

  31. I love these shoes and almost ordered them! Maybe I’ll win!

  32. I would love to win them! Perfect size!!

  33. Such nice shoes!

  34. So cute and my size! Kosher on a budget has been the best “like” I have made on Facebook! Thanks for all of your time and expertise!

  35. Hanna Katz says:

    Love these(; live b.j.<3

  36. Jordana Hirschel says:

    Super cute shoes! Would love a pair!

  37. I am a HUGE shoe maven. Those flats would be the perfect Chanukah gift from you to me 🙂

  38. These shoes are adorable!

  39. i’m a 7.5 – perfect!

  40. These shoes are adorable! Thanks!

  41. Yes please! I’ll take a free pair of shoes – especially Betsy Johnson ones…I have no shoes for Shabbos right now, so these would definitely do the trick!

  42. Sarah Jampolsky says:

    Perfect black flats!

  43. Love those Mara and they are my size 🙂

    Thanks for all of the great tips and deals for the holiday season. You are quite the deal finder.

  44. Luv them! Hope I win!! (I never win anything :P)!!

  45. So cute! Wld luv to win!

  46. So incredibly thoughtful of you!

  47. You are awesome! Thanks for doing this for the rest of us! What a great deal and so nice of you to think of everyone else. I’d love a pair of Shabbos shoes!

  48. Tried on some new shoes. They felt a bit tight. The guy said try pulling the tongue out ‘theyth sthill feelth a bith tighth.”

  49. Yes, please! Super cute!

  50. Love!!