Fun Friday Giveaway – Betsey Johnson Flats in Black, Size 8 (1 Winner)

6pm has had some killer sales lately, haven’t they?!

Last week, I grabbed myself a pair of the above Betsey Johnson flats in black for just $19.99, originally $80. (Hello!)

But right before I checked out, I had a thought: Why not grab an extra pair. To giveaway.

Because if I love something, I think you guys might, too.

I bought my extra pair in a size 8. But these run a bit small – so if you’re regularly a 7.5 (or even a 7?), these will probably be great for you. Or if you have a very narrow foot, you’ll be golden.

If you want me to ship you this pair of shoes, just leave a comment on this post – any comment’ll do. I’ll pick a winner Sunday night (12/2) and ship them out on Monday.

Happy Shabbos Shoes to you!

Disclaimer: There is nothing to disclaim here. Just me sharing a happy deal with my favorite readers! 

P.S. Sorry – forgot to add that I can only send to US residents. Well, actually, if you live outside the States, I’ll need a US address to ship ’em too.




  1. Cute shoes and great blog! Thanks! 🙂

  2. yitty nussbaum says:

    These are such a verstile pair of flats. My 14 year old daughter would be thrilled with this pair and then even more thrilled with her mother! Great giveaway. Good Shabbos

  3. I think its really sweet of you to think of your readers like that.

  4. Cute shoes and great idea for a giveaway!

  5. Thank you! I would love these…my first “real” pair of shoes (ie: not from Payless or Target). Would be great to have cute comfy shoes for long days on my feet!!

  6. These look comfy! Thanks for thinking of your readers. Have a great shabbos!

  7. Love these shoes! I would be so excited if I won a new pair for shabbos 🙂

  8. Great shoes and I’m a 7.5 🙂

  9. Love these shoes! great idea!

  10. These are too cute!

  11. penina berger says:

    Such cute flats! and my size too:)

  12. This would be a great pre-Chanukah present!

  13. love them! size 8 here!

  14. Have a wonderful shabbos!

  15. Adina yaakov says:

    Id luv to win. I love betsey johnson!

  16. Would love to win these! And if they don’t fit me, I have family members who would love them as well!

  17. Adina yaakov says:

    Just making sure my comment is published!

    • Yup! I have manual approval on right now (I don’t know – wordpress won’t haywire and is making me approve every comment 🙁 ), so it just took me a few minutes to get to them!

      Shabbat Shalom!

  18. Shoes? Free? 2 of my favorite things!

  19. u r awesome! 🙂
    and thank u!

  20. I missed ordering these and would love a pair.

  21. Thanks for the chance!

  22. Elisheva Balas says:

    Mara, you’re the best!

  23. These shoes are adorable…I would love them!!

  24. I’d love to be shoe twins with you! Shabbat shalom!

  25. so cute – love wearing flats like this!

  26. Super cute and just my size! You are so sweet!

  27. Pretty new shoes would make a great Chaukah gift to my feet! : )


  29. Evelyn Behar says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE these! Perfect for walking around NYC, Chicago, and all of the other cities I seem to call home at any given time! May the winner wear them in good health (and thank you, mom, for passing on size 8 genes!). 😉

  30. Sara Meisler says:

    Such cute shoes! Thank you so much – it’s so sweet of you to do a giveaway like this!

  31. I would love them! I went up 2 sizes since my son was born and would love a new pair of shoes!

  32. Would love a pair.

  33. Nice kicks 😉 Would look great with my black pantsuit for work.

  34. thanks! fun giveaway!

  35. Woo Hoo..they run way small ..I’m a 7 but can wear those 8’s!

  36. Lauren Cohen says:

    Adorable flats and what a great way to spread the love! Thanks for the fun give away.

  37. Size 9 and half would be great!!

  38. My daughter in Beit Shemesh would love these!

  39. Mom in NJ says:

    When you posted the 6pm sale, I picked up some shoes for myself. My daughter saw them and was disappointed that I didn’t buy any for her. Now, maybe she can get a pair :).

  40. cute shoes!

  41. Hey,
    I’m so grateful for this website, it really helps to get things I need and want on sale, free, and discounted prices. Thanks for thinking of us!!
    I’d love to win these shoes, they look so comfortable and practical!

  42. I love them

  43. What a nice idea! And sweet shoes!

  44. Love these shoes!