Fun Monday Giveaway – Signed Maccabeats Out of the Box CDs (3 Winners)

Yesterday afternoon, my family and I had the great pleasure of attending the sold-out Maccabeats concert at the Kansas City JCC.

Those guys are adorable! And so, so talented.

We loved their show so much that we bought their new CD and then my boys stood in line to have the Maccabeats sign it (“We got their autographs, ima!”).

And then *lightbulb* I thought – hey, what a perfect Chanukah gift for my readers!

If we love these guys, I bet my readers do, too!

So, I got back in line and bought three more copies of their new CD, Out of the Box.

And then I jumped into the autograph line (I’m such a groupie :-P) and asked the Maccabeats if they would please sign each copy for a special KOAB reader.

(Would you believe the guys hadn’t heard of my blog? ;-))

Each of the three CDs now reads:

To a KOAB Fan, Happy Hanukkah

with all of the Maccabeats signatures!

I hope the three winners will love their Chanukah gift from me as much as my children, husband and I are loving it!

There are three ways to enter this giveaway:

#1. Please leave a comment — any comment will do — on this post. This entry is mandatory.

#2. Please like Kosher on a Budget on Facebook. Then leave a separate comment that you have done so (or that you already were). Followers will be confirmed. This entry is optional.

#3. Please subscribe to the Kosher on a Budget Email Newsletter. Then leave a separate comment that you have done so (or that you already were). Subscribes will be confirmed. This entry is optional.

You have until Wednesday, December 5th at 11:59 pm EST to complete your entries. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Thursday and hopefully mail out the CDs the same day so you can get them in time for Chanukah!

Disclaimer: There is actually nothing to disclaim here. I was not comped in any way by the Maccabeats — neither for my tickets to the concert, nor for my CDs. We just loved the concert and I thought it would be a great way to share the love with my readers (whom I also love). Awww….


  1. Already a facebook fan of KOAB!

  2. I love them! They are great!

  3. Already a FB fan

  4. Already a subscriber too! (Thanks to you, I have a crockpot and a dehydrator again. Yay!)

  5. Ooh, this is a great giveaway!! Would love to win it 🙂

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  8. surella baer says

    When i need the grandkids to settle down, I put on a Maccabeats video! They love it!

  9. i heart koab!!!!! and my family hearts the maccabeats — we’ve been listening to ‘candlelight’ as we’re preparing for hanukkah!!!!! i wish they would come to my hometown, too!!!!! shalom —

  10. esti reichman says

    we would love a maccabeats CD for chanukah!!!

  11. esti reichman says

    liked KOAB on facebook!

  12. esti reichman says

    we subscribe to daily emails…

  13. My kids would love the CD.

  14. I am already a fan on FB.

  15. I am already subscribed to the emails.

  16. cute giveaway!

  17. Gary Shyken says

    Our kids would LOVE this set. They love the Maccabeats.

  18. Gary Shyken says

    We already subscribe on Facebook

  19. Liat Shyken says

    My kids would adore this.

  20. Liat Shyken says

    Subscribe on FB

  21. I subscribed to everything 🙂 Have gotten great deals following your advice 🙂 Thank you

  22. I already “like” you on facebook ..your deals are great!

  23. I already subscribe to your email. Good stuff!

  24. This would be a great addition to our carpool music

  25. We love the Maccabeats! We saw them in St. L when they were here. Thanks for thinking of this!