Get PAID To Buy 2 Deodorants at Walgreens During Black Friday

deodorant free at WalgreensI’m working on putting together match-ups for you guys from all the best Black Friday deals at the drug stores, but there was one that came across my inbox today that I just knew I had to share with you right away!

You can actually get paid $1 to buy two Speedstick deodorants at Walgreens during Black Friday! Yes. They are going to PAY YOU to get deodorant! (Don’t take it personally 😉 I’m sure you don’t smell!)

This deal will require you to print a Buy One, Get One FREE coupon — and I very highly doubt that this coupon will still be available by the time Black Friday rolls around. So I recommend printing it now and putting it somewhere for safe-keeping.

Here’s how the deal will work:

Speedstick Deodorants — 2 for $5.98 (11/27 – 11/29)
Buy 2 and Earn $4 in Register Rewards
Use the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Speedstick Gear Printable Coupon
Spend $2.99 out of pocket, Earn $4 in Register Rewards
= Like Getting paid $1.01 after coupons and Register Rewards!

If you’re unfamiliar with how to coupon at Walgreens, you can read my tutorial HERE. You can also learn about Couponing at CVS.

Get ready folks, because Black Friday sales at the drug stores are typically the best of the year! For little to no money out of pocket, you can stock up on toiletries and household items for months to come!

Thanks, Passionate Penny Pincher.


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