Get Selected to Host an American Girl Bitty Baby House Party

Bitty Baby Houseparty

Wow! This is an opportunity I bet a lot of you are going to be psyched about!

House Party is organizing an American Girl Bitty Baby Party! There are 1,200 slots available — so hurry and apply now. (This isn’t first-come-first-serve; there are selection criteria, although I’ve never been able to predict what they are.)

Bitty Baby Houseparty

If selected to host an American Girl Bitty Baby party, you will receive:

  • Bitty Baby Doll Set
  • Additional picture story book, doll outfit and plush animal
  • Bitty Baby coloring sheets, puzzles, wishing stars and more for your guests
  • Tip sheets for moms
  • And more!

If you haven’t heard of house parties, they are an increasingly popular way that brands work through grassroots marketing channels – i.e. “us little people” to raise the profile of their products. You invite some friends over, share some information and freebies that will be sent to you, and report on your experience via the brand’s website.

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  1. flazewnik says

    This sounds so fun, but it needs to be hosted on October 5, Shabbos 🙁

    • Mara Strom says

      It’s my experience with House Parties that they are fine with you having it the day before or after, too. Often times they fall out on Shabbat, and it’s never been an issue for KOAB readers who have been picked.

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