Get Your Life Organized Online with AboutOne

I am on a mission to get organized. It’s actually a never-ending mission, but this time, I’m serious about it.

My filing system is woefully out of date and the stack of “to be filed” papers is taking over my desk. Fortunately with my laptop, I can work anywhere, but you know – I’d like to be able to work at my desk. In theory.

In an effort to take this paper bull by the horns, I am moving more and more of our life online. This, combined with my woeful inability to keep our family’s calendar straight, led me to AboutOne.

AboutOne is a secure and convenient online place to save and organize EVERYTHING — from my family’s vacation memories to important insurance documents to health records and more. It complements my existing Google calendar and address book(s) to make the information I’m already entering there more useful.

Their tagline say it makes it “fast and easy to store & manage your household”. {Sigh of relief}. Here’s a cute video about how it all works.

Since joining last night, I have already quickly uploaded some recent photos, insurance documents, upcoming appointments (imported via my calendar) and a ton of notes to my inbox.

Here are some of the other things I’m looking forward to doing:

  • Adding my family members to my account – including their emails, so they can send items to my inbox as well
  • Inventorying our home possessions for insurance purposes (yes!)
  • Turning family events into a quick and easy newsletter with the press of a button – it’s like a blog for people who don’t blog (well, okay, so I blog, but still – cool)
  • Sending custom birthday cards and/or invites right from my inbox

And yes, there will be an app – it’s coming soon.

Right now, AboutOne is offering a free trial – which is what I signed up for last night.

The coolest thing about this free trial is that it’s 17 days – but AboutOne doesn’t count your days straight away. You know how annoying it is when you sign up a free week trial of something and then by the time you have time to try it out, it’s day 8? Well, with AboutOne, you get 17 days to use as you have time. So if you sign up today, but can’t get to it until next Wednesday, that’s only one day toward your 17.

If you like AboutOne – which I am really strongly leaning toward doing – you can sign up for a year of their service for $30. Hey, if this software manages to clear off my desk for me, I’m thinking that’ll well be worth $2.50 a month.

Sign up for your free AboutOne trial here – and let me know what you think of it.

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  1. Have you tried Cozi? I have an account with them that I’ve never really made use of. I wonder what the difference is…

  2. I signed up for the free trial of AboutOne and they are actually pretty different products. Cozi is more of a family calendar/organizer type thing. AboutOne does all the keeping track of household stuff, etc.

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