Giveaway: Head Coverings with Pizaaz (Specifically Random)

You may recall that back in May, I told you about a Heartsy deal for Specifically Random, an artisan who makes adorable head coverings and hair bands. While Kelly is not Jewish nor specifically targeting the kisui rosh community, I instantly knew that her “babuskha style” head coverings would be perfect for me!

I quickly purchased the Heartsy voucher with the best intentions of ordering right away. Of course, I got busy with our summer activities and forgot about it. A few weeks ago, I got the sweetest email from Kelly, reminding me about my voucher. It had actually expired, but she said she would still honor it, if I wanted to place an order.

Well, of course I did! So I went to her store and picked out two fun head coverings, one with a funky vintage pattern and the other with a gorgeous faux eyelet in white – which I thought would be perfect for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Four days later, I had my custom-made (she takes your measurements and will sew them exactly for your size) head coverings from Kelly and I was in LOVE.

So much so, that I emailed her later that day and asked if she would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway for my readers, because I knew you would love these as much as I do! Happily, she agreed – and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

There are so many things that I love about these Specifically Random head coverings, but let me tell you about a few of them:

  • Her fabrics are gorgeous and fun – there are lots of choices in the babushka style, but if you don’t see something that you think is perfect for you, she is happy to custom make you something from her vast collection of fabrics.
  • Her head coverings are so well made – Imagine a pre-tied bandana, but with an opening at the bottom. She sews a fabric-covered elastic headband to the covering with the most perfect little (almost invisible!) stitches. My daughter is always tugging on my head coverings and there is no pulling or stretching whatsoever.
  • There is plenty of fabric – The babushkas are 15″ from front to back, so when you pull out the fabric all the way, they more than cover the back of your head entirely. If you’d rather show some hair, you can just bunch of the fabric a bit in the back.
  • The babushka style is very comfortable – As soon as I got my package, I put the vintage fabric one on and wore it all day (and got numerous compliments on it). I didn’t even feel it on me, which is really saying something, because I tend to get a headache by the end of the day from even wearing a beret.
  • Whether or not you cover your hair, Kelly’s head bands, bandanas and babushkas are so cool and funky – that you are sure to love them. And she even makes children’s sized ones, which is perfect, since every time I wear mine, my two year old asks me to get her one in “blue and pint” (pink).

Kelly has offered to give one lucky KOAB reader a $30 gift certificate to her Specifically Random store – more than enough to cover two babushka style  head coverings or head bands in the fabrics of your choice, plus free shipping.

Not only that, Kelly is offering a special promo code for all my readers, so you can save 15% on any purchases at Specifically Random. Just use the code KOAB15 at checkout.

To enter the giveaway:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite style of head covering (even if you never cover your hair  – just tell me what you like on other people!)

If you would like more chances to win, you can leave up to two more comments:

  • Go “like” Kosher on a Budget on Facebook, then update your status to read: I just entered to win a $30 voucher to Specifically Random head coverings from Kosher on a Budget. You can too!″ Then leave me a separate comment telling me you’ve done so.

Entries on this giveaway will be closed next Tuesday, August 30. The winner will be selected randomly and notified on Wednesday, August 31. If you can still enter, you can still win.

Do note that because this style is not fully closed in the back, it’s possible that some of your hair will be showing in the back. This isn’t an issue for me, but if you don’t show more than a tefach and/or have very long hair, these might not be the perfect match for you. Of course, you could always tie your hair up before putting on the babushka and then no one would be able to see.

Disclosure: Kelly from Specifically Random will provide the winner with a $30 gift certificate, good for two babushka style head coverings of your choice, plus free shipping. I have not been paid nor compensated in any way for this review. All opinions of her amazing head coverings are my own.


  1. Jennifer Barnes says

    Love the wild and funky patterns, colors!!

  2. I like berets and pretied bandanas

  3. I already like KOAB on fb.

  4. I like scarves, berets, hats, my wigs and I want to try this style now too!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hate covering my hair to go into shul – I have this thing that makes me think that hats and head coverings are not good for people with glasses. I look at my friends and they all look so good in hats and tichels etc… but have not found anything that I like – especially in summer. In winter I can just about manage with a hat….

  6. I like sheitels and my headband fall for going out of the house, tichels and pre-tieds for hanging out at home.

  7. OK – I liked you and Specifically Random….

  8. Hats…but they are always too big because my head is so small

  9. 'rivkah bergman says

    Scarves are an everyday MUST for me!

  10. Missfrizzly says

    I like how I look best in a wig, but bandannas and Israeli tichels are super comfortable, and if they are funky-looking enough, can look good, too…thanks for this giveaway!

  11. I’m a headband person at home–and a big fancy hat person in shul.

  12. Love pretty Israeli scarves. These look really fun.

  13. I LIKE specifically random on FB

  14. Posted the verbage, but can’t figure out how to Like KOAB on FB. I tried, though. Does that count?

  15. I generally wear hats or a cap but I’ve been wanting to try some scarves/bandanna type coverings.

  16. I liked Specifically Random on Facebook

  17. Israeli style tichels if I had my way (the bigger, the better!)…living in the US now, I end up wearing a sheitel sometimes as well.

  18. I like bandanas!

  19. Just liked Specifically Random on Facebook.

  20. I have recently started wearing these headband types and LOVE them. So comfortable!

  21. Tovah Stout says

    My favorite style is the pre-tieds. They’re simple and quick to put on, and cover my hair during those bad hair days 😛 I don’t cover yet for religious reasons, but I will when I’m blessed with a husband!

  22. Tovah Stout says

    I updated my status 🙂 (entry 2)

  23. Tovah Stout says

    I liked Specifically Random too 🙂 (entry 3)

  24. My favorite hair covering is a small hat which requires no fuss to put on. Although I do also wear tichels, pre-tied and an occasional wig.

  25. i love to wear anything comfortable!! pretied bandannas and berets namely, but i love the look of tichels (if i could just get them to stop slipping!) I would love to try these out — hope i win!!

  26. “specifically random” has been “liked” by me on facebook.

  27. I liked your fb page and changed my status. That’s 2x in one week i’ve mentioned you on fb — ppl are gonna start wonderin if you’re paying me somethin 😉


  29. I like the Israeli style knitted hats.

  30. I like Specifically Random on Facebook.

  31. I like your Facebook page and updated my status.