Giveaway: Win Personalized Chanukah Cards from Giraffa Designs

Chanukah cards Giraffa Designs

My friend Leigh Ann Kopans is truly one talented multi-tasker. She’s a mom to three gorgeous kids (3-and-under, no less). She is an inspiring and entertaining blogger at Frugal Ima. She is an incredible, self-trained photographer, a stellar baker, and a Reconstructionist rabbi who works as the director of a synagogue religious school.

Clearly this is one lady with a LOT going on, but that’s not even all she does! Leigh Ann is also the co-owner of the charming etsy store, Giraffa Designs, which creates personalized, affordable Hebrew and English cards and announcements for every holiday, simcha, and occasion.

They specialize in digital design, so you can print wherever you like — or go green and save cash by emailing your holiday cards and announcements.

If you are a looking for an original, unique holiday card or announcement, I know you will love Giraffa Designs! Their $18 price tag is super reasonable for customized work, but Kosher on a Budget readers can get an extra good deal by using the code KOAB at check-out to receive a 10% discount.

I was so thrilled when Leigh Ann offered to create a Chanukah card for me (above), featuring my three sweeties — AKA the KOAB Kids. What a joy to work with! Leigh Ann has a great eye for detail and her turn-around time was less than two hours.

But not only was Leigh Ann generous with me… she’s going to be generous with one of you, too! One reader will win their own customized holiday card or announcement — you pick the occasion, style, photo and wording and Giraffa will turn it into a sweet, personalized card just for you.

There are three ways you can win — #1’s a must, plus do #2 and/or #3 to earn extra chances to win!

1. Leave a comment telling me whether or not you are a holiday card person. Do you send out Chanukah cards? Rosh Hashana cards? No cards at all? (Don’t worry if you’re not a Chanukah card person – you can still win your choice of a card or announcement).

2. “Like” Kosher on a Budget on Facebook, then leave me a separate comment that you did so. If you already “like” KOAB, just leave a comment to that effect.

3. “Like” Giraffa Designs on Facebook, then leave me a separate comment that you did so.

This is a quick give-away. It’s closing tomorrow night and I will announce the winner, to be chosen via, on Thursday morning. That way you will still have plenty of time to (virtually) send out your winning cards for Chanukah, if that’s your choice.

Good luck!

P.S. That awesome picture of my kiddos was taken by my friend and photographer, Anne Dillon. Yes, I’ve got some seriously talented friends!


  1. I dont send out holiday cards…. somethimes thank you notes now and then.

  2. I already like KOAB and I really like it!!!

  3. And….. I now like Giraffa Designs.

  4. I never send out holiday cards. Can never get my act together. I do send out thank you notes though.

  5. I like you on facebook.

  6. I try to get cards out once a year to every 18 months. I start trying to get them out with Rosh Hashana, but usually that does not happen. I try again for Chanukah, but likewise I usually don’t get it together. On years like this one, it just sneaks up on me when it is so early in the gregorain calendar. When I do get cards out, I send the Family Tu B’Shvat card. It happens to be one of my most favorite holidays and it also to be my Hebrew bday.

    Love KOAB (already liked).

  7. I am not a big holiday card person. I have sent Rosh Hashana cards in the past but have not done so recently.

  8. I already like KOAB on Facebook.

  9. I am now a fan of Giraffa Designs on Facebook.

  10. I always mean to send out cards, but never seem to get around to it. I just found the Chanukah cards I meant to send out in 2007.

  11. How are your kids so big now?!? Simply gorgeous children, Mara. <3

  12. I would like to be someone who sends holiday cards, as I like getting them. But truthfully, I don’t get around to it. This e-card thing might be the way to go! Can we use them for something other than Chanukah?

  13. I don’t do cards.

  14. I like koab on facebook.

  15. Even though I’ve been told that I cannot win any of the giveaways on this blog (It’s not fair!), I liked Giraffa Designs on Facebook anyway

  16. Lauren Gerofsky says

    I do send cards, Chanukkah, Rosh HaShanah, and Pesach – mostly to the families of the Sunday School kids I teach. It’s my way of staying connected. This year though, I sent a Smilebox e-card. They have fun Jewish e-cards/invites and are free, which is a bonus and earth-friendly!

  17. I send out Rosh Hashana cards.

  18. I have never sent out Rosh Hashana or Chanukkah cards.

  19. I like koab on facebook!

  20. My husband’s family sends holiday cards during the high holidays, and a couple of years ago we built a site to showcase them all. Check out to see 3 decades of family holiday cards 🙂 I love seeing year to year how everyone grows up, and how people get added… one year, there’s a new girl in the photo, then a baby, then someone’s pregnant, etc. It’s fun!

  21. I like KOAB on FB

  22. beautiful card btw! We only send cards out to our family that live so far away – it is a great excuse to have a professional photo taken of all my boys!

  23. I like KOAB on facebook

  24. Haven’t done card yet, have been thinking we should do some this fall, but not sure how the follow through will work