Groupon-FTD Scam? Refunds ARE Being Given

I posted last week about a Groupon deal with, where you could get a $40 voucher for $20. Well, as you may have heard on the news, this deal went south. FAST.

Apparently, the Groupon could only be used on a special FTD website (, which had inflated prices. So inflated, in fact, that the 50% savings from the Groupon were basically canceled out.

From all reports (like this one from CNN Money), it sounds like both FTD and Groupon are working hard to resolve this major SNAFU. FTD is reportedly now allowing everyone who bought the Groupon to buy flowers on their regular website at regular prices.

Additionally, Groupon is honoring its no-questions-asked refund policy: If you bought this Groupon and now would rather walk away from the whole thing, just email them at to request a full refund or credit.

I still believe in Groupon, but gosh, this is the second time they’ve had issues with a flower deal. (In November, I wrote about my problem with a Touched by Flowers Groupon – and the excellent customer service I got from Groupon in the aftermath.)

More than 3,300 people bought this FTD Groupon, and if you are one of them, I want you to have all the information you need to make this situation right.


  1. Hi,

    I was also scammed in this deal, and I was wondering how exactly to get my refund from FTD? I have received my refund from Groupon, but I have yet to even hear back from FTD, all I got was an email stating that they would get back to me within 48 hours, that passed about 6 hours ago.

    Thank you for any help, the flowers my wife got were embarrassing to say the least.

    • Ugh, Damian – I’m sorry that happened to you. Had you actually bought something at FTD? And did you spend OVER the amount of the Groupon at FTD? I’m glad Groupon refunded your sale – it’s good to know they stand by their guarantee. I’d be the squeaky wheel with FTD – call, rather than email, this time. Hope you get some resolution!

  2. Doug Ericson says

    It appears groupon does not honor their refund policy. I have been in a back and forth email with them for over a week and they are consistently refusing to honor their state refund policy. If you google the issue, it’s apparent that I’m not the only one with this problem.

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