What Happened to the CVS and Walgreens Deals? Why I’m Not Posting Them Anymore.


As some of you may have noticed, the CVS and Walgreens coupon deal round-ups aren’t being posted anymore on KOAB.

I know that a number of you had grown to count on seeing those on Saturday nights, so I wanted to explain my decision to stop posting them — and also let you know where you can still find the best CVS and Wags deals, outside of my blog.

Why I’m Not Posting CVS and Walgreens Anymore

This past fall, a number of you participated in the 2014 KOAB Reader Survey. Your feedback was very valuable in helping me to decide where to put my attention on this blog.

One of the questions I asked was how many of you use the weekly Target, CVS, and Walgreens match-ups. I also asked how many of you would be interested in Rite-Ad match-ups.

The results were quite illuminating. 18% of you said you used the Target match-ups, 9% used CVS and only 8% used Walgreens. 9% of you said you’d use Rite-Aid.

I spent a lot of time reflecting on these numbers and trying to decide what my priorities should be. The Walgreens and CVS deals get posted on Saturday night — which means that every motzei Shabbat for the last four years, I’ve logged on right after havdalah to get those posts published.

This blog is one of my top priorities in my life (my kids refer to KOAB as the “baby of the family”). But given that the return on the investment of the drugstore deal posts was so low, I decided it was time to give my Saturday nights back to my husband — and focus on posts that have more widespread popularity.

By the way, while the reader survey was what finally got me really looking at this issue, I had had a feeling for a while that the drugstore deals weren’t getting much traction. After the survey results came in, I scoured my blog’s stats via Google Analytics — which showed me that even fewer of you were reading these posts. It stands to reason, since the survey was something you had to opt-in to do — which means responders were probably more invested in KOAB than the average reader. According to Google Analytics, less than 4% of readers were looking at CVS and/or Wags posts on a given week. Target is closer to 10% – and 18% of survey responders — which is why I’m still posting those every week.

Where Can I Get the CVS or Walgreens Match-Ups Since You Are No Longer Posting Them?

Even though the math made sense on this decision, I really hated to let go of these posts — for many reasons. Not the least of which is that the 5% or 10% of you who were using them on a regular basis.

For those of you who are still playing the drugstore game, I highly recommend that you visit my dear friend Alli of Couponing For 4. She does weekly CVS match-ups and Walgreens match-ups, plus she adds in new deals that pop-up throughout the week with new coupons.

Questions or comments? I’m happy to address them. Please share below!


  1. I hope this is more of a compliment, but I didn’t notice you had stopped posting them. whoops. Glad you got your Sat evenings back.

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