Healthy Chocolate Milk Shake — Filled with Protein

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integrated supplementsA few years ago, a nutritionist recommended to my husband that he start his day with a high-protein green smoothie.

The nutritionist’s recommendation was to use a scoop or two of protein powder; but as we quickly discovered, kosher protein powders are not that easy to find. Her recommendation ended up sending us down a bit of a rabbit hole: We tried several brands, but nothing jumped out to us as the perfect taste-price combination.

That’s why I was excited when Integrated Supplements reached out to me a few weeks ago about their line of kosher certified (by the OU) Whey Isolate Protein supplements. They asked if I’d like to give them a try and share my impressions with my readers.

Of course I said yes!

We received a package with all four of their flavors: Vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate and strawberry. We quickly stacked them into our “breakfast cabinet” and experimented with adding a scoop or two to our  morning oatmeal. Strawberry goes nicely with some chopped bananas.


(PS – I love that all four containers fit nicely in our cabinet – much less bulky than the other protein powders my husband has tried. They use 40% less packaging than the standard brand and the package is completely recyclable.)

While the oatmeal was good, I have a major sweet tooth so I decided to give Integrated Supplements a try in a “milk shake”. (While my husband enjoys green smoothies, I like my smoothies to taste a bit more like a milk shake!)

Smoothies aren’t a very exact science in my home – a bit of this and a bit of that is my general approach. I really wanted to get that thick Frosty-like texture in my smoothie, so I kept tweaking it until I found the perfect combination. This definitely gives you that chocolate milk shake “feel”, while still being quite healthy and filled with protein. It’s a great pick-me-up for that mid afternoon lull.

Chocolate Milk Shake with Protein Powder

The flavor is perfect – sweet, but not sickeningly so. I like that there is none of that “after-taste” that I’ve gotten used to with other protein supplements.

If you (like me) are a bit worried about the “purity” issue when it comes to supplements, you will be happy to know that all Integrated Supplements are independently tested by for quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Best of all, you can buy Integrated Supplements at Target or Amazon – no more last-minute health food store orders when I realize my husband’s stash is running low!

The protein powder is gluten-free, OU-D and has 20 grams of protein and 1 gram of fat per serving.

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