Help! I’m not seeing your posts in my Facebook Feed anymore!

At least once a day, I hear from a rather frustrated Facebook fan, who never sees (or almost never sees) KOAB updates in their feed.

And when they do, they are a few days late – so they miss out on the deal.

Ooof, I hate that that happens to you!

So what can you do about it?

Well, first of all, rest assured: It’s not you.

And it’s not me, either.

It’s Facebook. This is just how it goes on their platform these days.

The Facebook algorithm doesn’t put posts from “business pages” (which Kosher on a Budget is) into personal feeds unless the business pays up.

{For what it’s worth, I’ve experimented with ads now and again, but honestly, I can’t afford to pay to “boost” every deal that I share. I would go broke! And I’m still not sure that those whom WANT to see the post would see it anyway.}

That said, you can definitely improve KOAB’s visibility in your feed by doing two things:

1. Go to the KOAGB page, and click on Following (on the top) and then make sure that “See First” is checked. For good measure, you may also want to select “on” for Notifications as well.

2. Like, share and comment on the posts that you do see in your feed. Doing so “tells” the Facebook algorithm elves that you are interested in the updates from KOAB, which means that it will put more of them in your feed.

(If you really want to get fancy, shares and comments “count” more in the current Facebook algorithm, but likes are helpful, too.)

And one last thing….

Are you signed up for the KOAB newsletter yet?

The newsletter is a {free, of course} round-up of all the deals that popped up that day, so you can know for sure that you won’t miss any of them!

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