{Sold Out} *HOT* Best Buy | 32-Inch TV + DVD Combo – $98, Shipped


Best Buy is going big — or going home!

First beating Game Stop on their Black Friday pricing for the PlayStation Vita and now this!

Their Deal of the Day is a 32-inch HDTV + DVD combo for only $98! Shipping is FREE.

We’ll see 32-inch TVs for $98 on Black Friday, but none with the DVD combo.

The brand on this is Hiteker, which I’ve never heard of and can’t find anywhere else – not even on Amazon (other than used). Will this TV last for decades? Honestly, probably not, but for $98 that’s kind of in the “disposable” price range.

Hurry – this will sell out!


  1. Cheryl linietsky says

    While I am looking for exactly this, I am not willing to buy a no name brand that who knows how long it will last. I bought a off brand freezer from Lowes which died after18 months and couldn’t be fixed by Lowes or any local repair person. Lowes did make good on it after a 3 month hassle but it was a real problem. I am staying away from brands I don’t recognize

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