*HOT* Movie Tickets Just $3.50 Each from Fandango

I love all the movie tickets deals, but this one is super amazing – pay just $3.50 for a ticket to the movies. Hello, 1992 prices – I missed you!

The deal a day site Tippr (yes, there’s another one!) is offering two movie tickets on Fandango.com for just $12 ($24 value). This is pretty much the standard movie tickets deal that all the deal-a-day sites have.

But Tippr is offering a $5 credit when you sign up through this link – which means… your $12 package now costs just $7 – or $3.50 per ticket!

To purchase this deal, sign up for a Tippr account here, then click on the “Today’s Deals” tab and select the Fandango offer.

This will sell out quickly, so grab them now if you’re interested!

Thanks, Hip2Save!

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  1. If you order through Swagbucks, you’ll pay $12 but get 360 SB as a kickback — so a pretty good deal either way. I haven’t figured out how to combine these yet.

    • I think it’s still better to do it with the new member $5 off – b/c 360 isn’t quite an Amazon gift card, yk? I’m all about the math 😉

  2. The referral link in your post won’t load the Tippr site, I get a time-out error. I’d like to sign up but want to make sure to use your link.

  3. I just bought from your link, Mara. It worked fine now. Then my husband bought from my link. Now we can have 2 date nights or go out with friends! Yeah!

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