*Hot* Osem Printable Coupons (PDF!)

Woohoo! First gefilte fish coupons and now this! Are the exclusively kosher manufacturers finally getting on the coupon bandwagon? Let’s hope so!

Go here to download and print $.50/1 coupons for a variety of Osem products. Since these are in PDF format, that means you can print – and use – as many as you want!

  • Osem Mini Croutons Soup “Mandels” (AKA Shkadai Marak)
  • Osem Heat and Serve Casserole
  • Osem Israeli Couscous (AKA ptitim), Any 8.8-oz. box
  • Osem Soup Mix, Any 14-oz. container
  • Osem Cracker, Any
  • Osem Bissli Multipack, Any

All coupons expire May 10, 2011.

Although they say “Do Not Double”, your mileage may vary. I know one of my local grocery stores often doubles even the “DND” ones since their computers just automatically do it. If that happens, the store usually eats the added cost.

(Only wish these would be good in Israel, too. Sorry friends :(.)

Thanks, Printable Coupon Spot!


  1. I love these kosher coupons!

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