*Hot* Staples Back-to-School Sales Starting Sunday

Aaaaah, Staples. How I love your penny days. Looks like I’ll be able to cross off a good chunk of my school supply list at Staples on Sunday. Here’s a look at the best deals (which, again, start Sunday, 7/10/11), but you can see a full scan of the ad here.


Penny Deals – Require a $5 minimum purchase. Valid Sunday through Wednesday only.

  • 12-pack arrowhead cap erasers
  • 8-pack black ink BIC stick pens
  • 4oz-school glue


25¢ Deals – No minimum purchase required for the following .Valid all week.

  • ream of Staples brand printer paper
  • slider pencil case
  • 5 pack BIC mechanical pencils
  • assorted color stickie flags
  • assorted color 2-pocket plastic folders


$1 Deals – No minimum purchase required for the following .Valid all week.

  • Wescott 7″ scissors
  • Wescott 2 pack 5″ scissors
  • 4-pack glue sticks
  • 50-pack HP 8.5X11 photo paper
  • 200-sheet fat memo book
  • $1 – top-bound journal book & pen set (does not state number of pages)
  • top-bound letter size writing pad (does not state number of pages)
  • top-bound 3 pack 3.5″X5.25″ writing pads (does not state number of pages)
  • 3-hole binder paper punch
  • 2-pack colorful funny shapes Post-It Notes
  • mini stapler
  • assorted small packages of binder clips / paper clips / push pins

All deals are limit 2 per person per day and valid in-store only. While supplies last.


  1. Just a note- at least in my circular, the $0.25 reams of paper are $5.99 with a $5.74 easy rebate. Might be worth noting, depending on how people do their budgeting.

    • JLan – Thanks! I got an emailed list, but I’ll go check my ad copy now and update. (I know that some of these deals are also regional.)

      • Yes, you’re right – I got there today to check it out. Although I think it worked out nicely, b/c I hit my $5 threshhold for the $.01 deals without even having to try to buy anything else. Thanks for the heads up, JLan.

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