How Does Your Garden Grow?

Look what we did last night!

My husband and kids planted our front garden, including:

  • Heirloom, cherry and Roma tomatoes
  • cucumbers (from seed)
  • 2 varieties of red peppers
  • strawberries
  • cantaloupe
  • kale
  • pole beans (from seed)

Plus, we planted some fresh herbs – basil, dill and rosemary, all herbs I love to cook with, but hate to pay the inflated grocery store prices for. Cilantro and parsley, on the other hand, are only $.95 for a huge bunch at the local grocery – so those I decided not to plant.

What’s this got to do with the “on a budget”ness of this blog? Well, in addition to loving to actually plant, cultivate and harvest our own food with our kids, it can also be a big money-saver. Especially when you eat as many veggies as we do!

So, over the next few months, I’ll be checking back – with an update on how much we’ve spent, how much we’ve saved and hopefully some nice pictures of the bounty.

To date, here’s the financial breakdown of our planting:

Plants & seeds (we planted mostly from seedlings, although you can certainly save money by planting from seeds) – $36.45

6 2-cu foot bags of Cotton Buhr Compost – $27.72

Total – $64.17

Do you plant a garden? What do you like to grow? Are the cost savings important to you?


  1. I’m working on the soil for mine right now. I plan to plant green beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers. And basil – I need pesto. I’m a total newbie amateur, so if anyone has any tips or books or other resources…

  2. Your garden sounds great! We have planted a garden for the past 3 summers with great success. I call us the accidental gardeners. We plant it, water it and ignore it. And things magically grow. I have saved hundreds of dollars on tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. We have also grown corn (which was infested with bugs but it was fun), pumpkins (only one grew), brussel sprouts, broccoli, strawberries, snap peas and watermelon (which didnt grow) It is always a fun adventure.

  3. We do it as a homeschool project – we tested the soil, amended it, and then planted. Last year we did lots of hot peppers (too many!), peppers, melons, pumpkins, and herbs. This year so far, we have in romaine, cauliflower, and broccoli.

    Plus the kids are more likely to want to eat the veggies!

  4. My kids always ate more veggies when they helped grow them. I usually plant cherry tomatoes in big containers. I like to have basil, also. I planted tarragon and thyme a few years ago (not knowing they were perennials) and they come back beautifully every year. I buy flower plants when they start getting marked down because it’s really nice to have flowers for the Shabbos table, too.

  5. Rebecca Starr says

    I’m a huge gardener….we plant lots of veggies and herbs every year and I do find it saves me money….not only do I never buy cucumbers and tomatoes in the summer, but I also give a lot a way when we are invited over or I can some of it, which can be given as gifts later as well. It’s healthy, environmentally friendly, financially friendly, and all of our friends look forward to strawberry jam each spring! We plant, beans, peas, cukes, tomatoes, basil, dill, strawberries, squash, and broccoli. All produce well. If you are a beginner, make sure you have rich soil, protection from the animals, and some good seeds (don’t just get the ones in the store…order from a seed specialist like Johnny Seeds). I know it is more expensive, but the product is better and you can be sure they will grow! Happy Gardening! Those of us in Michigan have to wait another month to plant, but we will get there after the frosts!

  6. I am so excited about my garden! My sugar snap peas are up and running – literally! They are climbing my homemade trellis beautifully. I also have strawberries in the ground. Everything else will have to wait a few more weeks. I don’t find that I save that much money, though – probably because my garden is on the small side. But it is totally worthwhile anyway – the kids love it, and I love it too!

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