How to Braid a Round Challah for Rosh Hashana


Earlier this week, I shared my easy method for making a round apple challah for Rosh Hashana. While I love that method and plan to use it for most of our challot, sometimes you need something a little more… impressive.

Impressive – but still not difficult.

Enter the braided round challah. This four-strand challah is really simple, yet it looks beautiful. Here’s how I make it. And trust me – it turns out beautifully every time (above is my 3/4-baked challah, which I will freeze and finish cooking for yomtov.)


  1. Post of picture of the outcome after it was baked!!

    • Mara,
      Thank you, thank you. I saw this video about a week ago somewhere on a Facebook discussion but couldn’t re-find it and now got it again JUST in time to make my challot for the holiday. Shanah Tovah to you and your family. 🙂

  2. Great video! I want to try this for Rosh Hashana!

    Shana Tova!

  3. awesome! i’m on it! thanks for the great video. Shana Tova!

  4. I did this last year and forgot how to do it. Thanks for posting!!

  5. This is great.

  6. I make my four strand round challah a completely different way.

  7. This was a big hit at Shabbat dinner last night… a little vorspeis of the chagim to come!

  8. Yay, I’m so glad you all like it!

    Kim – how do you do yours?!

    • I lay 3 strands parallel to each other and take a fourth shorter, fatter one and weave it across over, under, over. Braid both sides of the three strands, tuck under the braids and then tuck under the ends of the one strand. If this is confusing, I can try to make a video of it when the dough is ready to braid today.

  9. Will definitely be trying this today-love the new look!

  10. Great video, Mara! I forwarded it to my mom, who is making challah for the holidays. Thanks!

  11. Thanks Mara! You actually have me wanting to bake! Not a regular state for me to find myself in. lol

  12. Wow, thanks for posting this!

  13. Can’t. Wait. To. Make. This.
    (aka stick the kids in front of a movie and do this myself – ah the joys in life…)

  14. You rock – I was just wondering how I was going to do this. Thanks and shana tova, Mara!

  15. Once again, you have made my life better. : ) I made this b/c of your video and I am so happy with the results. Shana Tova; may you be blessed with health and happiness and continued success!

  16. I just attempted this. I only did under to the left and just kept going left. I got confused and could not get back to my computer. I hope it will look ok. Will let you know.

  17. great video we had fun trying something new me and the kids , we all watched the video then we tried it out came out great thanks sweet new year

  18. I know I commented last year when this went up, but I had to let you know that I tried this for the first time today and could not be happier with the results — your technique was so easy and worked without a hitch! My RH challahs are totally beautiful…thank you, Mara!

  19. Heather M. Glass says

    And here, I thought I was clever making a ring challah, where I just make a braid, attach the ends, and cheat it into a cake pan. 🙂

  20. Thank you so much for posting this! I tried it today, and my challot look beautiful! Enjoy your first Chag in Cleveland. Shana tova!


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