How to Help Surfside

Like everyone, I’m horrified and deeply saddened by the news out of Surfside. As with you, I am davening to hear good news about those who are missing and of course, for comfort for their frantic families.

I asked this morning in my WhatsApp groups for recommendations on where I might make a donation to support the victims and their families. Here are a few recommendations that came personally from KOAB readers, if you, too, would like to “do” something in the face of this unfathomable tragedy:

Shul of Bel Harbour is a local shul collecting donations to support survivors and bereaved families (they have been inundated with donation of items, and now really need funds)

Miami Federation is dispersing 100% of funds they collect to the short- and long-term needs of the community

This is the private link to support a family who thankfully escaped with their lives, but will need to completely rebuild (started the one of the daughter’s schools)

For more information about this tragedy and how you can help, the Miami Herald has a helpful article with more links.

The OU has an extensive (though not exhaustive) list of those who are unaccounted for, who need our prayers.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me on WhatsApp to share these links. I will daven for all your loved ones, whose names you generously shared with me.

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