I can’t see KOAB in my Facebook feed! What can I do?

Several readers have written to me to let me know that Kosher on a Budget isn’t showing up in their Facebook feed.

I wish I had insider information on why this is happening with so many blogs, not just KOAB.

I do know that Facebook is changing over to Timeline for fan pages as well as personal pages. As of March 31, all fan pages need to switch over. I’m working on getting a new page designed, but that change will happen for KOAB no later than the end of the month.

As a result of these changes (which no doubt involve a lot of coding and metrics and other things I don’t understand), I anticipate that Facebook will get wonkier still – but hopefully things will smooth out by April or May.

If you want to stay up-to-date with KOAB (and I thank you for that!) despite the Facebook fluctuations, here are some suggestions:

#1. Regularly interact with KOAB on Facebook – “like” status updates (takes less than a second!), comment on posts, share with your friends, ask questions, etc. The more your interact with the KOAB wall, the more Facebook thinks you want to know about KOAB updates, and the more they “push them” to your feed.

# 2. Sort your feed by Most Recent Stories and not Top Stories. Directions on how to do that are HERE.

#3. Take advantage of other ways to stay in touch with KOAB:

I’m sorry that Facebook has been so frustrating for so many of us lately, but I hope that as they get their Timeline changes adopted, everything will settle down and we can get back to the business of saving money!


  1. The way facebook works is a mystery to us all, but if your favorite page is not showing up in your feed it is because Fb is not recognizing it as your favorite. Like Mara said you need to comment and interact on the page to get it to regularly update in your personal news feed. This is how Facebook recognizes it as something you are interested and in hearing from daily.

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